Crossing the finish line

I am so close to resolving my window shade problem.

For several months, I battled Hunter Douglas and Home Depot for replacement of defective shades.

Four of the five shades fell apart and could not be repaired.

I paid a workman to take them down and bought temporary paper shades to cover my windows and protect my furniture and hardwood floors from the blazing sun.

So, instead of custom shades from Hunter Douglas in my living room, I had paper shades. Really sad!

Frustrated consumer

I made the rounds physically and on the Internet to resolve the problem.

The store that sold them to me, Home Depot, was worthless. They told me to contact Hunter Douglas.

Hunter Douglas told me I had to work with Home Depot.

The middle man in all of this was a design firm who helped me select the shades.

Very few, if any, companies stand behind their products. Plus, they make it very hard to resolve an issue. I am sure some customers just give up. So sad.

The Internet

So, I asked my friend, the Internet, to help me. I posted everyplace that I could about the problem.

The end of October I received a curt phone call telling me that the shades would be replaced.

Sure enough, last week I received the new shades.

Now I have to find an installer. Most companies won’t install the shades unless they sold them to you.

I think a good handyman can take care of the problem. Just have to get one scheduled.

Lessons learned.

No more shades from Hunter Douglas.

No more business with Home Depot.

Maybe posting on the Internet helped.

It sure provided an outlet for my frustration

11 thoughts on “Crossing the finish line

  1. Synchronicities dear lady, I too have have a shade problem and as my summer approaches I have a front 50C balcony with glass doors facing onto it and the full afternoon sun. The umbrella I had there has broken after a few years and to replace it with anything but that type of umbrella is back to the strata management (at least 2 years). Finding something to suit what they say is ok…and I’ve by then probably moved to somewhere else 🤣 Ah, life…so much fun, so little time. I think I might just go for a nice cold banana, mango smoothie on the beach, there’s a nice breeze there anyway. I hope it all goes well 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Solutions that work and don’t cost a lot of money. My new mantra as a home owner. Better to enjoy the a mango banana on the beach in the breeze!! Thank you for reading and commenting.

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    1. It seems that companies of all sizes, do not like bad reviews. I know that I usually won’t do business with a company that has bad reviews. Gone are the days of shopping on Main Street when the owner was on the premises. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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