Feeling smug this morning.

I finished  two loads of laundry.   All by 7 A.M.

I started one load the night before using the “delay” feature on my washing machine.

The downside was being awaked in the wee hours by the sound of the washing machine turning on, filling with water and swishing the clothes around.

Always a price!  Totally worth it.

The sound of the buzzer told me it was time to get out of bed, toss the first load in the dryer and start the second load.

While the washer and dryer did their jobs, I made my bed, got dressed, made coffee and read the paper.

Voila!  By 7 A.M., all of my laundry was clean and put away.

I also started filling a box with clothes for charity.

Fewer clothes means less to wash, right?

Feels so good.

Now, after breakfast and more coffee, I will start my workday without a laundry basket of dirty clothes calling to me.

As you can tell, it doesn’t take much to make me happy!


11 thoughts on “Jumpstart

  1. I love the mornings also. I find that if I do one or two small things during the early morning the rest of the day can be reserved for accomplishing really important things. I don’t always have success in doing this, but I try consistently, and sometimes succeed. And that feels really good!

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