The Coat I Did Not Buy

redjacketThere was a really cute coat that I fell in love with while visiting Whistler, B.C. in September.  It was a  raincoat by Helly Hansen with simple lines in a soft olive color.  Not that I needed another raincoat.  By my last count, I own one yellow, two black, and  one brown raincoat and two rain jackets.  That is more than enough for rainy Portland.

So, why was I even looking at raincoats?  Poor planning.

It was pouring rain everyday while I was in Whistler.  I had ignored the weather forecasts thinking it can’t rain everyday. I simply was not prepared for all of the walking in the rain  that I would do in this charming resort.  Because I had packed the wrong coats for my stay,  I was either wet and freezing in a down vest over a long tee shirt or roasting in a full-length North Face down coat.

Conveniently, there was a Helly Hansen store on the ground level of the Westin Resort where I was a guest.  The American dollar was strong against the Canadian dollar.  Plus,  there was a sale in progress- one of the perks of vacationing at the end of the season.  It was a simple equation.  I need a raincoat and the price was right for a charming, versatile Helly Hansen raincoat.  So, what was the conflict? Continue reading “The Coat I Did Not Buy”