Why She Wanted to Kill Him…

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A man and a woman are in a “second time around” relationship.

Both bring baggage, hurt, and trepidation into the mix.

Things are going really, really well.

Until… Continue reading “Why She Wanted to Kill Him…”

The Taming of the Purse!


I love to dress up!

Purses* or handbags, if you prefer, play a big part in my daily outfits.  I change them often.

I used to leave the detritus that did not flow into the new bag in the old bag. This was fun when I might find  a Benjamin Franklin stuffed in a zippered pocket but, for the most part, I found crumpled tissues, dried-out ballpoint pens and stale Luna bars. Or worse, a receipt that I needed a month earlier or an important business card. So much for networking if you misplace the business card!

Not happy with this system, I happened upon a better way… Continue reading “The Taming of the Purse!”

Who I Am & Why I Am Here…

I often feel as though my life has been lived as a subset of someone else’s life.  Not that it was not good. It was so good in so many ways. Good to be a wife, a mother, a sister, an employee. Now, it is different as a widow, as a person who is not accountable to anyone. There is great freedom in being alone but also great loneliness and much sadness. Continue reading “Who I Am & Why I Am Here…”

The Coat I Did Not Buy

redjacketThere was a really cute coat that I fell in love with while visiting Whistler, B.C. in September.  It was a  raincoat by Helly Hansen with simple lines in a soft olive color.  Not that I needed another raincoat.  By my last count, I own one yellow, two black, and  one brown raincoat and two rain jackets.  That is more than enough for rainy Portland.

So, why was I even looking at raincoats?  Poor planning.

It was pouring rain everyday while I was in Whistler.  I had ignored the weather forecasts thinking it can’t rain everyday. I simply was not prepared for all of the walking in the rain  that I would do in this charming resort.  Because I had packed the wrong coats for my stay,  I was either wet and freezing in a down vest over a long tee shirt or roasting in a full-length North Face down coat.

Conveniently, there was a Helly Hansen store on the ground level of the Westin Resort where I was a guest.  The American dollar was strong against the Canadian dollar.  Plus,  there was a sale in progress- one of the perks of vacationing at the end of the season.  It was a simple equation.  I need a raincoat and the price was right for a charming, versatile Helly Hansen raincoat.  So, what was the conflict? Continue reading “The Coat I Did Not Buy”


Welcome to my world and my journey as a busy woman!   I love my life!  I am happy and busy with my career, my family, friends, and activities.   I will share my “finds”, my insight and my experiences.  I do this to lighten the load for another, to make someone’s day a little better and perhaps to solve a problem or offer a different perspective on a situation.  Also, I will share guest posts!

Please stay tuned for fun, interesting and informative posts.  Cheers!