The Voice

Please take the time to read these poignant stories posted by a friend who is a cancer survivor.

Out Of The Frying Pan...

blog quote small2I have a couple of stories to share this morning and I truly, truly hope that you will take a couple of moments to read them because they are important to you. You may even know some of the people involved.

In a recent blog post regarding my project to write a book chronicling my cancer journey I said, “I believe that if you’re given a song, you should sing it. If you’re given a story, you should tell it. And, if you’re given a voice, you should use it. I’ll leave the singing to my talented husband, but I do have a story to tell and a voice with which to tell it.”

I realized in the last few days that mine is not the only story that needs to be told. So, while I will continue working on that, in the hope that it will one day be helpful…

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2 thoughts on “The Voice

  1. Thank you for sharing not only the tragic stories of young women dealing with cancer, but their optimism and support system. The world looks pretty ugly right now, so it is indeed good to focus on the many wonderful people and events in our little part of that world and beyond. Thanks for keeping us focused! Dolores


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