30-Day Minimalism Challenge

This chart is fabulous!

32 thoughts on “30-Day Minimalism Challenge

  1. I love this!  Already doing many of them … but need to step it up with some of the others.   Thanks for sharing,  Sharon Brenner

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  2. I’m surprised that I actually do several of these, I could do several more. #1 however would interfere with my writing goal 😉

    They are great ways to get on a path to living a more simple life- which I’m all about if you can’t tell 😉


    1. I go offline for social media, emails etc for chunks of time so I can write. As the new year progresses I hope to simplify & streamline my life even more. I look forward to learning from your website. Lori

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      1. I usually write in Google docs so I guess I consider that online because without a connection it doesn’t update across devices. I have cut myself off from social media a while ago, not completely but I have restricted my usage because it’s not conducive to being an involved parent… at least not for me. Aw thank you Lori. I’m enjoying what your blog has to offer 🙂

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  3. I’m sorry but, I must make you laugh – my brain misread ‘Mental Break – In Progress’ and came up with; Mental Breakdown In Progress……ummmm, please excuse me, I seem to be having a-little-moment here. 😀
    Thank you for visiting, and the follow. Travel Safe.

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