The Taming of the Purse!


I love to dress up!

Purses* or handbags, if you prefer, play a big part in my daily outfits.  I change them often.

I used to leave the detritus that did not flow into the new bag in the old bag. This was fun when I might find  a Benjamin Franklin stuffed in a zippered pocket but, for the most part, I found crumpled tissues, dried-out ballpoint pens and stale Luna bars. Or worse, a receipt that I needed a month earlier or an important business card. So much for networking if you misplace the business card!

Not happy with this system, I happened upon a better way…

First, I hang all of my purses on the back of a closet door and the back of the door in my home office.  The closet door is closed so those bags are hidden. The door into the office is always open, so those bags are not visible either. Small bags go inside bigger bags.  White cloth covers protect fabric bags and light colored bags.

Hanging Bags

I keep a basket into which I dump the contents of my bag everyday. I toss the old tissue, ticket stubs, etc.

Basket for Purse Overflow

When I choose my bag for my next outfit, I simply grab the items that I need from the basket. In bad weather, this might include gloves and a beanie. Sunglasses on a sunny day.  You get the picture!

Of course, sometimes I have to sort through the basket as it can become the place where many things go to die!  Once I empty a bag, I generally shake it out over the trash can in my  office to get rid of tiny bits of debris such as lint.

Speaking of bags, my current favorite is a small cross body that I use often, especially when shopping or running errands.  It may sound weird, but I wear it while dining out and even when I visit the loo so that I don’t leaving it on the hook in the stall.  I did that once in a cafe in Denver.  Lucky for me, it was still hanging there when I ran back to the bathroom.  My niece was not so lucky last summer.

In the restaurant, it stays off the dirty floor and  no one lifts my wallet. Someone did take my wallet once. What a pain!

Whenever I need to carry my IPad, a book, some lunch, I tuck my little bag into my briefcase or a large tote.  Even though my cross body bag is small, it holds the essentials.

A bonus of carrying a smaller bag, my left shoulder does not get tired as it does when I schlep a large tote all day.

Cross Body Bag Horizontal

There you have it.  A simple solution to a problem.  Now, what to do about my bag buying addiction!

*In this post, I use purse, handbag and bag interchangeably.

49 thoughts on “The Taming of the Purse!

    1. Men in Europe carry man bags. I guess men in the US are more comfortable with a briefcase or backpack. I agree that it would be very practical for men rather than stuffing everything in their pockets. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  1. I love purses! You seem to have quite a collection too! It’s weird because when I was younger I hated them but now I love them. I’m bad about leaving stuff in them when I change to another purse.


  2. Okay, this is a genius idea. I mean, I’m not really a “purse person” per se. I love the concept of having many handbags, but I fail in execution. Mostly because the idea of having to move stuff from purse to purse is daunting (and I’m lazy, let’s just say it). But that basket thing? I could rock that idea. Plus it also solves the problem of all the crap that always ends up crumpled on the bottom of my current purse!


  3. The basket is a great idea as I always do the same as you and find the stuff I needed well after it was useful. I will be pinching that idea. Thank you from one bag lady to another 😉


  4. Reblogged this on Still Another Writer's Blog and commented:
    Sounds like a GREAT system. I have one like that myself, except for the inexpensive baskets I use have become numerous overflowing containers themselves. Unsure whether 🙂 or 😦 is appropriate here!


  5. The basket is a great idea. An excellent way to make sure you don’t forget what you want to take with you. Alas, all my purses look the same. It’s like the person who has a certain type that they date. I’m kind of like that with my purses. They’re all black and small. I keep looking for that ideal purse that doesn’t bulge but can carry all my essentials, but still look compact.


    1. Black is always a good choice…I often have a larger bag with me if I am out for the day that I can keep in my car. It has extra shoes, a snack, etc. I love small cross-body bags but fitting everything in is a problem. Have a great weekend.

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  6. Love this! So simple and practical for those of us who change bags. It’s nice to meet someone else like me with regards to this. I’m starting today!
    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. For the follow, too! I’m enjoying reading yours. Lovely place here!
    Peace, Alexandria

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