The Sound of Gravel



Ruth Wariner is a beautiful, smart  blonde with a bubbly personality.

However, she’s not “the girl next door”.  Hers is a different story.

When I met Ruth Wariner  there was no hint of the pain and suffering that she had endured for years. Her story is one that most of us can not begin to fathom.  It goes beyond the sadness of loss of loved ones, crippling illness or other debilitating life events. It is a story of escape and triumph.


It is to her credit that she is now a New York Times Best Selling author.    Her memoir  The Sound of Gravel  describes her early life growing up in a polygamous cult in Mexico.  It was a life of abuse, extreme poverty and no hope except to marry at a young age and blend into the male-dominated community.

At a time when girls are thinking of prom dates and planning for college, Ruth was escaping during the night from the only world she had known. Her struggle, her insight and her message of resilience and courage make the book a joy to read in spite of the difficult content.  It is my honor to share her story with you.

The Sound of Gravel

Learn more about her story and her book through her website The Sound of Gravel Ruth Wariner

31 thoughts on “The Sound of Gravel

  1. Thanks Lori for sharing this post. I would like to check this story out as well. I’ll find out if I can order on-line or from bookshops over here. Cheers!


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