Words from the Buddha


Tonight while organizing my calendar I ran across this quote from the Buddha.

Easy to do are things
that are bad and harmful to oneself.
But exceedingly difficult to do
are things that are good and beneficial.

His  words are perfect for me as I contemplate the coming week.

I need to insure that my activities, my interactions, my reading, my diet, and my leisure  support the kind of person I want to be.

I want to live a useful life.  I want to live in the present.

I hope that in some small measure my life can be a blessing to myself and to others especially my family.

I want the sweet sensation of living purposefully but lightly.

To all of you on this incredible journey…I wish you a great week!

19 thoughts on “Words from the Buddha

  1. Thanks for sharing this brilliant quote which is also very apt for my life this week too. I wish you success in your journey and a ‘light spirit’! x


  2. I have come that you may have life and live it abundantly. John 10:10 Jesus Christ….. echoed by Gandi…Live this day as if it may be your last and live it well.


    1. Yes, I agree. The good and beneficial actions are hard to remember or to choose but so much better in the long run. I hope to eliminate bad habits so that I am on auto pilot. Thank your for reading and commenting.

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