A Little Time for Me

“Never be in a hurry, do everything quietly and in a calm spirit.  Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”  Francis de Sales

It is Saturday night and I am alone for the evening at the Embassy Suites in Lynnwood, Washington north of Seattle.

I could have gone to dinner in Seattle with family.

However, I chose an evening of solitude.

My family was concerned that I was sad or down but really I just wanted to have an evening to refresh and renew my spirit after my long drive from Whistler, B.C. to Seattle.

I ordered dinner from room service and tuned into the movie “Sex & the City”.
I was lazy and indulgent.  It was just what I needed.wp-1474664786272.jpg

I realized early in my adult life that I need equal parts down time to balance the busy, involved times. I believe that the need for down time grows as I grow older.

The next morning I thanked my family for not resenting my need to “opt out” for the evening. Their empathy and love were true gifts.

To be able to take time out and not feel guilty was my gift to myself.


43 thoughts on “A Little Time for Me

  1. I have only just learned in the last year or so that I need to take time for myself. I think the hard part is realizing that it isn’t selfish. Actually we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to take those moments so we are refreshed for the times we are busy and surrounded!

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  2. You were so close to some of my stomping grounds. My go to Ukrainian deli/store is just past the underpass of the freeway on the right. Glad you were able to be “alone” with understanding.

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  3. Your comment re as you get older I can affirm is true. This time of solitude, silence, reflective and alone personal space is vital. Children who learn this are fortunate. Our pace of life can be consuming. The alone time recharges the batteries. I went to visit a senior cousin in a nursing home. She told them. “I must have 1 hour a day to myself’. With all the planned activities etc she often missed bus tours, trips, bingo, movies on tv etc. etc etc. yet she was the most serene, contented person I have ever know. I believe she sat. I believed she prayed. Only once she commented. ‘It’s all about the Spirit’ she said to me. Recharging the human spirit with solitude is a gift. Thanks for the blog.

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  4. Your life has taken some very bumpy turns Lori, but as you have said, it also guides us through those so that we discover who we truly are within.
    May your journey bring that light through the darkness, as painful as it is, it will bring a hope and love because of it 🙂

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