Martin Buber

I am uneasy these days.  Uneasy about my life, my country, the world. 
I will be glad to see November 8 arrive.  At least we will know who will lead our country.

I have been thinking about my role and responsibilities as a citizen.

This quote from Martin Buber helped to drown out all of the noise and confusion.

When people come to you for help, do not turn them off with pious words, saying, ‘Have faith and take your troubles to God.’ Act instead as though there were no God, as though there were only one person in the world who could help — only yourself. Martin Buber

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27 thoughts on “Martin Buber

  1. Wise man, Martin Buber. We can’t help everyone who needs it, but if we help one every day and they go out and help another one every day that will soon multiply into the Big Society our last Prime Minister spoke so much about.

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  2. I think your first two paragraphs about cover it for most of us. You know how bad the situation is when you feel compelled to vote because it is your responsibility as a citizen, but in your heart you’d like to pull a lever that said ‘none of the above.’ The world would definitely be a better place if we helped others even in a small way on a daily basis. 🙂

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  3. Seems the feeling of doom gets bigger the closer the election will be determined…I hate not knowing the future, or at least feeling secure in our future….love the quote….will write it down and read it everyday….I feel for the younger generation….life is tuff enough, and then pile the political circus on top of it…..thanks for the post…kat

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  4. When ‘stuff’ down here gets too troubling my aim is to ‘look up’. Politics is all the stuff of ‘earth’. Look for a moment at the vastness of sky and see the whole world from that perspective – even for a few moments. Watch the clouds shred and reform. For a few minutes breathe in from a different viewpoint. Choose to release gloom and breathe in the Hope for ‘better’ xx Michael says it well. I like the quote. We do have the CHOICE always about what is the beautiful, the worthwhile and things to bless others and our life. Don’t expect God to give you the answers always …….He gave ‘free will’ to ALL. We are personally responsible for what we absorb and what we take into ourselves and then what we pour out on others . xx

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