Making a Mark…


It is a parent’s prerogative, nay, obligation to be the source of corny but sweet stories about their children.

Whenever someone asked about my children, I would tell them about my two extraordinary sons Blake and Mark. No bias here!

If they asked about girls or other children, I had the perfect Mom answer.

No, I calmly replied, “I stopped after Mark.  After all, once I had made my “Mark” in the world there was no need to continue!”

To his credit, Mark did learn to sheepishly grin and bear it.

Now, it’s Mark’s turn.


Indeed he has made his “mark” on the world.

A lovely baby girl.

She is named Mabel after her great-grandmother.

Congratulations Mark and Victoria,

Love, Mom (still crazy after all these years*)

*with apologies to Paul Simon

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