Election Statement


I was strengthened, comforted and challenged to read the words below in our church newsletter.

To me, this statement is a call to action that any person of any persuasion, religious or not, can follow.  

We renounce the evil powers of this world which corrupt and destroy the creatures of God. Therefore we commit:

To protect and defend the human dignity of immigrants, refugees, and those who fear deportation. Our churches will be sanctuaries for those whose safety and security is threatened;
To stand and work with those whose race or religion is threatened by the vitriolic and violent language and action of white supremacy in American society;
To confront bigotry, fear, ignorance and hatred whenever and wherever we confront it.  We will not be silent or passive in the face of language that harms the children of God;
To protect the physical, psychological, and spiritual safety of women, people of sexual and gender diversity, the elderly and the physically impaired;
To pray for our president and elected leaders and hold them accountable to the principles of justice as found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We believe that together we can foster a world of justice, love and the mercy of God. We commit to this work and we invite those who would do likewise to join us in the work ahead.       Election Statement


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men -women!- to do nothing.” Edmund Burke


20 thoughts on “Election Statement

  1. a-men. I believe absolutely in the dignity and value of all human beings. I also stand absolutely for the right of people to be free to express their personal acknowledgement of their bond of marriage as a God-given unity between a man and a woman without being accused of bigotry or animosity. I regard my ‘marriage’ as a sacred union.

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    1. The world would be a lot nicer if when expressing your feelings about the bond of your marriage you perhaps said the unity of two people rather than that of a man and a woman.That at least allows all to take something away from their ceremony.
      There are people who make these statements because they are bigots and love to display their displeasure. They display great animosity in the words they use with the intent to hurt. There are ways to express an opinion that don’t try to offend and given that many gays are committed Christians they also regard their marriage as a sacred union and their special day. Their union has no impact on my life so there’s no reason for me not to accept their equality in all things.

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  2. If more people had watched the 60 minutes interview with Trump, this message would have been unnecessary. For the only ones that need to worry are the drug dealers and other felons. Protecting those people will only serve to endanger US citizens.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this call to action, Lori, It is indeed heartening. Every church, temple, or mosque, ever town and city, every school and college can and should issue their own such call–and in many case, is issuing one, and is prepared to act on it. It gives me faith in my fellow human beings. Josna

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  4. It’s heartening to see these words in print from a church. It shows that the church – at least this one – had really grown to adapt its modern congregation and serve the community around it. Which to me is what a church is all about: community!

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  5. Beautiful.  Thanks so much for sharing. Sharon

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  6. I remain terrified of the coming presidency of this unqualified person, frustrated because he lost the popular vote by a huge margin, despairing of his campaign threats and promises, discouraged by the tone of his inappropriate demands and appointments. He will wield so much power. It’s good to know that many people do not promote such corrupt and hateful ideas. It will have to be more than prayers. Thank you, Lori, for posting your church’s statement.

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