A True Measure


Ugh! At my last doctor’s visit, I weighed more according to the doctor’s scale than I weigh on mine at home.

Although I was comforted by the fact that my BMI was down, I was upset that my weight was up, supposedly.

In the last few months, my home scale has shown a weight loss and  I have gone down a couple of sizes.

The discrepancy between the two scales was disheartening.

After some reflection, I decided to follow my home scale and to ignore the reading at the doctor’s office.


One, I needed the encouragement to keep going even if it was not exactly true. Who cares? My scale showed that I was losing and that made me want to keep going.

Two, variables such as time of day, water retention, etc., affect the reading on scales in my experience.

Three, even though the weight on my medical chart was higher than on my home scale, I could live with the discrepancy. (I do hate the idea of the higher weight being on my “official record”.)

This experience led to me examine my position on my weight loss, my health and my body shape.

Maintaining or losing weight is not easy because I often feel that I have to give up something. It seems like deprivation.

So, I try to think in positive terms such as better health, feeling better, and looking better each day.

My numbers are excellent in terms of all the metrics that doctors use to measure health. I feel great, have lots of energy and sleep well.

Getting dressed used to be such a drag because nothing fit. I did not want to buy a lot of new clothes. I wanted to wear the beautiful clothes that hung in my closet.

Now I can do that and it is a joy!

My wake up call? Seeing pictures of myself!

Here’s how I lost weight and inches.

•Weight training
•Revised my diet
•Enlisted help of my friends.
•Kept busy.
•Said no 1000 times.

Said “no” 1000 times to
Bread on the table while waiting for my meal at a restaurant.
A second glass of wine.
More than three bites of dessert if I have any at all.
Watching TV or working while dining…one of the pitfalls of living alone.
You get the idea!

My real secret to weight loss/maintenance is believing in me.

I am worth more than a piece of cake.

I can combat loneliness, stress or boredom with reading, walks, housework, gardening, blogging (!), painting, playing the piano….the list goes on.

I am in charge of what goes in my mouth. I am in charge of me.

It’s not easy especially as my social life revolves around food.

It’s not easy but I can do this.

45 thoughts on “A True Measure

  1. Go you! And I completely echo your sentiments:). I, too, have lost a significant amount of weight and can now get into the clothes I’ve not been able to wear for years, thanks to an alteration in my diet and a regime of exercise after fixing chronic sciatica. And I LOVE that quote – I AM WORTH MORE THAN A PIECE OF CAKE. Thank you – I shall use that next time I go out for a cup of tea and those icing-covered slices of temptation keep calling to me…

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    1. Thank you! Tea has become one of my “go to”drinks. And, sparkling water…lots of sparkling water. The carbonation is refreshing and filling. Congratulations on your weight loss. Sciatica is so painful. I have had it once and that was enough. Take care!

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  2. Lori. First of all congrats! Like you, I’ve been on a weight loss journey and when the clothing fits–life is so much better. BUT, having gone to the doctor for my lady parts visit last month, I refused to step on his scale. In the first place, the scale was outside the examining room. I told the nurse I only get weight naked and there wasn’t enough privacy outside the examining room. In the second place, the doctor’s scales are always about 5 to 6 pounds heavier than home scales. So I told the nurse my home weight and that was that!! You can shove that long q-tip up my innards for a PAP smear. You can flatten my titties like two fried eggs for a mammo, but I’ll be damned if I step on a doctor’s scale!!!

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    1. Love your attitude! What we go through at our annual checkups! Next year, I need to rebel and tell them my weight rather than stepping on the scales…yes, outside the exam room! Congratulations on your weight loss. It is empowering to take charge of this part of our lives. Take care and be well.


  3. You can do it, and yes, healthy living is more than the weight on the scale. It is your attitude, your focus, your commitment, and your choices to being the best, and healthiest you possible. Keep up the good work.

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  4. You can and are doing it!! The best thing you are doing is believing in yourself. Don’t let the number bug you too much…it will change. Just keep in mind that your size is going down and you feel great 🙂

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  5. Healthy and Hopeful living is worth more to well-being than weight. But well done you. Keep up the good work. I have a set of ‘talking scales’ at home now. They certainly announce to the world so grateful always they are a few pounds lighter than the doctors and glad his are silent.

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    1. Talking scales…is there a “mute button”?? Yes, healthy and hopeful living are key. I am thankful to have both. My life is blessed in many ways to include wonderful blogger friends like you. Thank you for your support.


  6. Whatever the doctor’s scale said, you have the best proof of your weight loss in fitting clothes couple of sizes smaller. I don’t know exactly what your target is Lori but I know with the regime you’ve set yourself you can do it.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    1. Thank you for your kind comments! My first goal is to lose about 10 lbs and keep it off. I have lost 4-5 and am keeping it off. After I reach that goal, I will see how I look and feel. Weight training is making a big difference in my body shape. Your words make me feel great! hugs & love, Lori

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  7. Ha-ha, I have the reverse problem. I exercise at home and the gym, but my home scale keeps me at one weight. The doctor’s office on the other hand shows I lose a pound here and there! I think I’ll just go by my clothes and judge what size I want to be and leave it at that.

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  8. Great post! Weight has been an issue for me all of my life. I constantly work to keep a healthy weight or at least feel healthy. I love doing the 30 day challenges to help push me each month. Right now I am doing the Guns, Buns, and Abs 30 day challenge. You can google it. Today on the 16th I’m on the “downhill” side of the challenge. I usually try to encourage a few friends to do it with me so we can keep eachother in check throughout the month. Tina

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  9. I’ve never owned a scale and only weigh myself at my doctor’s office. He used to have one of those old-fashioned doctor’s scales but now it’s a digital one. I’ve been the same weight for more than 30 years, but recently I lost 10 pounds. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight! The main difference to my routine was I had taken up hot yoga a few times a week with the intention to get fit. Weight loss was a side effect, but my clothes do certainly fit better, so I don’t mind. My main concern was that I felt good.

    It’s so important to listen to your body. Outside factors such as weight is but one small indicator of health. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things.

    If you feel good, both physically and emotionally, I think those are better barometers for health in the long term.


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  10. I found out that my scales were wrong as well but now that I read Catherines’ comment, I’m even more worried. Mine were off by 5 pounds to the heavy. If I coupled that with the 4 or 5 pounds Catherine said, that’s a total of 9 or 10 pounds, which means that I haven’t gained a fucking pound!
    I loved reading about your “journey.” You did it with such humor and I too, loved the “I am worth more than a piece of cake.” Keep it up and enjoy the new you. 🙂

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  11. I only go by my scales whether they are up or down…but if you see a difference in your clothes and feel good…its working…BMI is down…that’s a great positive change…sounds like your doing great…..!!!! kat

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  12. Thank you, Lori. I am also trying to lose weight and it is really hard. I’m an emotional eater. Sometimes the only thing that feels right in my life is whatever I put in my mouth, especially carbs. Thank you for the mantra at the end of your post – I can do it also.

    My medical plan measures in stones, I have no idea what they mean but they are smaller than American weight.

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  13. You go girl. It is never easy losing weight and maintaining a healthy life style but it sounds like you have mastered it. All scales including Doctor’s scales need periodic calibration. Sounds like this might be the problem. You are wise to ignore it.

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  14. Well done! I have had similar experiences myself…after about 3-4 weeks temptations dampen somewhat…thankfully.

    I am currently designing a mobile health app that aims to help others through this process through Neuroscience, Social Science and Sport and Exercise Science… If you are free at any point, I’d love to hear how you could use your experience to help shape how the app will deliver to its users 🙂

    I left a link to our page 🙂


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  15. I read your post, I felt like I need to wright something. One of my own big no no is stepping in the scale. As it can crush you if you don’t see a change. I was told to step on the scale once a month and that is all. My trainer said go how your cloths are fitting. Are they lose little then that is great, if not then there has been no change. What I have done is taken pics, yes pic of my body I found a pic in 2008 I was weighing 220lbs. Then I saw a pic 2011 saw some change.Then in 2016 there has been change, now I am stuck at 158 lbs. it makes me happy to see the difference in pic, and ppl who know me can see the difference. I don’t know if this helps you at all. But most of all don’t give up keep fighting you can do This


    1. Thank for taking the time to write this wonderful response. I like the idea of taking photos. I am going to do that! It’s hard with the holidays to eat well but your encouragement helps me stay on track. You have accomplished a lot…I am happy for you! Hugs, Lori


      1. Your welcome…yeah holidays are hard. That is why I am slowly getting in to watching what I eat…after Xmas its different story

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      1. Thanks Lori.. I’m doing really well thank you and hope you are too. It’s been great to connect with you this year and I wish you a magical holiday sent with a big Hug and an Angel Blessing! x


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