Monday, Monday**

Monday mornings can be either wonderful or dreadful.

Take this morning, it was raining at 5 when I got out of bed to start my day.

I was fully rested and accustomed to rising at 5.

So no matter how tempting it was to lie in bed and listen to the rain, it was not going to happen.  I was up.

It was dark outside.

I turned on soft jazz and lots of lights. I also lit some candles for some calming aromatherapy.  No SAD for me!

Today was the beginning of a new week!

I felt like a schoolgirl anticipating the activities that will fill my days.

I read once that an effective antidote to grief and loneliness was to keep busy. Friends, acquaintances and even strangers advised me, “to get out there and live!”  So I am!

The “improving my life” things.

•Tackling assignments for classes I am taking.
•Workouts at the gym. I go  several days per week and really hit the cardio on non-weight days.  I feel as though every visit, every crunch, every step on the treadmill adds to my overall health and insures my continuing independence.

The fun things.

•Wednesday, lunch with a new friend. We met on a plane returning from Denver to Portland.

• Wednesday evening, attend a P.E.O. meeting to work toward goals that benefit women everywhere.

•Thursday, a friend is taking me to lunch at the Oswego Lake Country Club.

•Later on Thursday, meeting a colleague at 3 for a business meeting and then dinner.

•Friday, finds me in N.E. Portland for a visit to my stylist Keith with shopping and lunch later.

The necessary things.

•Then, there are the chores: bill paying, correspondence, posting my expenses.

•Of course, Monday morning always signals the domestic duties. My darks are in the wash right now to be followed soon by lights and bed linens. Vacuuming and dusting of the entire house won’t take long and will freshen everything. Bathrooms are my Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday chore.

Just in: a dinner invitation!  Meet them at 7—is that too late to drive downtown on a dark, rainy night?  Is it better to hibernate at home?  Hmn…


I do work full-time.

I am a widow.  I am alone most of the time.  My sons are grown.  My house is small.  My garden is smaller.

Many widows tell me that they are lonesome, lost or bored or maybe all three.

Thanks to my friends and my activities, my glass is usually half full.

Even when it isn’t, I pretend it is.


**Enjoy!  Monday, Monday

22 thoughts on “Monday, Monday**

  1. I’m a widow also but 80 years old but very busy. I have few friends but don’t stay in touch very often. I love solitude but stay busy reading, blogging and working in animal rescue and the spaying and trapping of feral cats. My yard is big and the house is old. I have a helper 5 days a week to help with animals chores, cleaning and, shopping. Enjoyed reading your post. I have no idea why or when I began following you.

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  2. Your days sound full Lori. It’s so sad though that you have to pretend your glass is half full at times. Why not spend some time seeing if you can fill your glass completely? Like many widows you may not fancy getting married again but it shouldn’t stop you finding someone you enjoy being with who can be your escort when one is needed and a great companion when not. Someone who can fill the slot as half a couple when invitations come in and someone just to talk too when the need arises. There must be plenty of professional people out there who would welcome pleasant company with or without strings so that they too can attend functions again as part of a couple.
    It would be lovely to think you didn’t need to pretend in future.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  3. I love your honesty and reality in this post. I admire your passion to keep DOING lots of things. Don’t forget that sometimes true contentment comes from BEING. Listening to the rain. Not feeling guilty about staying in bed that little bit longer. reading. My dear friend shared with me three years after her life companion departed this life. ‘ It took awhile but when the day came I could wake up ‘breathe, express gratitude that I was in fact ‘breathing’ and then took it from there. I began a NEW LIFE’. She had mapped out a very full life for herself but gradually began to drop some things as the years passed she grew to become contented with her private space in life – her gardening, painting, writing, prayer-times, . So valuable was this private space it only made the joy of family coming and ‘outside’ activities more precious because they were few and VALUED like never before. I’m so pleased you do have such a wonderful network of folk around you. Value and LIVE….Blessings.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this. Breathing again happens in different time for each of us. I am not a widow, but have lost something dear and it took a while…Comments are so valuable and because you did on this post, value and live is what I will remember today. Thank you.

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  4. I wish I could wake up at 5am! Maybe it would be easier if I go to bed before 2 am! Give in to listening to the rain sometimes. It really helps to freshen the soul! Thank you for sharing part of your life. Have a fabulous day! Koko 🙂


  5. “I feel as though every visit, every crunch, every step on the treadmill adds to my overall health and insures my continuing independence.” Love this sentence. Certainly great motivation. I’m going to remind myself of this on those days when I make every excuse not to workout!

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  6. Lori, every day is a blessing! You have done very well in filling your life with creative, thoughtful, and intentional living. I’m proud of you, and consider you a great inspiration. Thank you for being transparent.

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  7. I work at a stupid warehouse where I pack auto parts, Lori. (Lol :D) In 2008, you had to have a master’s in what subject you were teaching. I had chosen to switch from middle school to special needs preschool teaching. I had a professional license for middle school until 2013. I tried to get my Masters in the alotted time. In 2008, I had 45 credits of 60. 🙂

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  8. Sometimes life hands you lemons. . . I love being paid to exercise and hopefully my brain is stretching with my body. I believe you are doing a fantastic job and so sorry you lost your husband but blessings in children, who return and share their children with you! I loved your precious granddaughter, Lori. I have three grown children and seven grandies to keep my life full. It is good to connect with you! 🙂

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