Take My Hand, We Will Walk

Take my hand. We will walk. We will only walk. We will enjoy our walk, without thinking of arriving anywhere. Walk peacefully. Walk happily. Our walk is a peace walk. Our walk is a happiness walk. …

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12 thoughts on “Take My Hand, We Will Walk

  1. A great idea – we should all calm down and walk quietly together.

    My mom lives in an assisted living residence for people who suffer with Alzheimer’s. Yesterday I came across an extremely agitated woman, shouting about some incident that must have happened 60 years ago, if it happened at all. No one could calm her down because she couldn’t get herself out of that long ago moment. I took her hand and asked her if she would walk with me. She resisted a bit but then agreed, so we walked down a long hallway, her expressing her worries about the incident, me trying (unsuccessfully) to convince her that her dad was not coming to punish her. You can see the kinds of concerns that some of them have. We walked and walked, me holding her hand, she talking, and finally we came to the head of nursing who took over. She’s professionally experienced and was able to get the woman to relax a bit.

    It will happen again because the event loops with Alz patients never stop until they run out of energy or that particular memory finally disengages. Still, I realized that sometimes all another person needs is someone to listen to them and let them know they care.

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    1. It was wonderful to take the time to “be” with this lady. I think it must be terribly frightening to be upset and feel as though no one cares or is paying attention. Very compassionate.
      Have a relaxing weekend.


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