Fighting to Get to Friday


What a week!

Nothing terrible is going on in my life.  Just the usual.

I have felt like I am wading in deep mud.

Going through the motions.

I felt like I was pushing the river.  Lots of effort.  No return.

Just one more day and  the week is over.


Down for the Count

Yesterday, I took the day off from my 7 A.M.  yoga class at the gym.  I was so tired.

This morning, I slept in which is unusual for me.   Ninety minutes.  Quelle horreur!

Ginny, my dog, did not care that breakfast was late or that it was raining when I nudged her out the back door.

She goes  with the flow.  No yoga or meditation required.

I felt nervous as if I were waiting for the other shoe to drop.

However, the first shoe had not dropped.

I reheated some leftover coffee resisting the urge to crash on my couch and watch “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix.

The continual rain in Portland did not help.

Internet Therapy

I parked myself at the kitchen counter trying to activate my brain when I found this in an email from the Mayo Clinic.

“Some individuals have opportunities that smooth their path to greatness, but we all can think of legions of people who came from nothing, who seemingly had no options, and yet somehow carved out a life of meaning and connectedness for themselves. There are beacons of hope out there.” — Edward T. Creagan, M.D.

and this…

“Some of your genetics determine how you behave, but it’s not the whole story. You have the final word in how your story turns out.” — Edward T. Creagan, M.D.

Reading these quotes helped me to get my attitude and my day on track.  Yes, I am tired but I am not down for the count.

I need some rest, relaxation and diversion before I get back in the traces.*


Dr. Creagan is an internist, oncologist, and palliative care specialist at Mayo Clinic.

Nosing around the Mayo website I found several articles by Dr. Creagan in the Expert Blog posts.

Make Technology Work for You

Aging and Performance

Memory Aids & Routines Help You Stay on Track

Use the 80-20 Rule to Help Reduce Stress

Thank you Dr. Creagan for taking the time to write interesting and helpful articles.

Just what the doctor ordered!


*each of the two side straps, chains, or ropes by which a horse is attached to a vehicle that it is pulling. ` from Google.

23 thoughts on “Fighting to Get to Friday

  1. Moods rise & fall. And rise again, & fall again… The trick (I have read in various places) is not to take them too seriously; to be grateful for the highs, and graceful in the lows. You seem to have dealt with yours very well. So did the dog!

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  2. This arrived in my inbox after a surprise midweek day off. My boss asked me to take Wednesday off and work Friday, which is usually the first day of my weekend.
    It was a nice and surprising treat of a day off! With no appointments to go to, I was able to indulge in coffee with a friend before hitting the gym and then relaxing the rest of the day between intermittent chores. I went back to work Thursday refreshed and invigorated. Naturally, that didn’t last much longer than the first person punching in, but…oh, well!

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  3. I love the “traces” you used, very nice touch. Those are some great tips to follow and I may print them out and put on the wall in my room here. Something to cheer me on when those Murphy days start happening. I enjoyed the read!

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  4. Thank you Lori. it was reassuring to read of your ‘in the mud’ feelings and also the responses from others. I am increasingly finding the ‘up and at it’ motivation is lacking. I’m not sure if its age related, genetic , environmental ?? I do know this you can have the best intents and be flowing with good heart but a simple thing can destabilise the lot. I went to the local school to share a bit with the Principal who had invited me to stop and ‘chat’. Walking up the path a little boy called out to some of his classmates …..’There’s a really, really old lady walking up our path….come and see.” A whole group of brightly smiling faces greeted me from a distance BUT……I had been feeling pretty good about myself then suddenly…………..I waved cheerfully but my motivation zeroed. We are not defined by our age but sometimes we do have to accept and sit, have a cuppa and then beam forth once more. have a great week!

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    1. Yes, you are right. I am forcing myself to take walks with Ginny even in the rain. It makes me feel better and the wet floor and wet dog are worth it!
      We did have sunshine on Sunday…it was fantastic. We really enjoyed the outdoors.
      Today, we are back to normal.
      Enjoy your week!

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      1. Ginny (my dog) and I both feel better after a walk of any length. It feels as though the rain will never end but we persevere.
        One thing that makes me happy is that I can now return to Julia’s Violinist. I have been distracted with work and with other readings especially a book for my Italian book club.
        We are sharing the titles of books we love so I am adding Julia’s Violinist to the list. They are a great group of women. We read books about Italy or that have an Italian connection for the club. The restaurant then prepares a lunch based on the region where the book takes place. We are all avid readers.
        Cheers, Lori

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      2. I suppose you could invite them to read Julia’s Violinist and then have a restaurant date at a German or Austrian restaurant and order potato dumplings or Spaetzle (homemade noodles), with pork roast and red cabbage. 😉

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