Now is the time…

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party” *

Like many things from my youth, this particular phrase had no meaning to me.

It was merely a mindless typing drill from when I learned to type years ago.

That is, until today, when I took  Ginny for a walk in downtown Lake Oswego, Oregon.

As we walked toward Millennium Park, I saw a man attaching a large placard to the side of his van.

Curious, I stopped and asked what was going on.

wp-1488654366261.jpg     #notmyczar

He told me about a counter march to the pro-Trump march happening in a couple of hours in Lake Oswego.

A few minutes later, some young men came and took placards with the same message.

As I walked on I met more people coming to the counter march.

They gave me a pink hat which I wore for the rest of my walk.

Marchers, Lake Oswego, OR on March 4, 2017

As I walked I saw more people for both sides with signs supporting their position.

Police were near the two starting points and at a local business.

There were security guards outside the Sur La Table store on the corner of A Avenue and State Street. Ginny and I stopped for a doggy treat for her and for me to warm up a bit.

Do you know where your Mom is?

I sent my sons a text with the sign so they would know that their Mom was on the loose.

Blake texted, “Proud of you Mom!”

My Saturday schedule was jam packed with essential chores such as finishing my taxes among others.

Did I have the time and the energy to stay and participate in this event?

That’s when I recalled the old typing drill sentence:
“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.”*

Maybe it was time for one good women to come to the aid of her country.

What would I stand for?

I like to believe that I don’t just go with the crowd.

I think about issues and make a reasoned, caring, and intelligent response.

During these moments, I always think about my Dad fighting during WWII.
He landed on Normandy Beach so that I could voice my beliefs and opinions.
Not only me, but also those who do not share my beliefs and opinions.

All of us have the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness as long as we don’t infringe on the rights of others or break our nation’s laws.

I stand for our Constitution
I stand for transparency.
I stand for accountability.
I stand for morality.
I stand for honesty.
I stand for integrity.
I stand for the common good.
I stand for all people.

There is much that more that I could write but I have to go because

“Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country”.

My pink hat given to me by women marchers on March 4, 2017, Lake Oswego, OR.

*A phrase first proposed as a typing drill by instructor Charles E. Weller; its use is recounted in his book The Early History of the Typewriter, p. 21 (1918). Wikipedia



22 thoughts on “Now is the time…

  1. For ALL people – I think that sums it up well.

    In more detail: All of us have the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness as long as we don’t infringe on the rights of others or break our nation’s laws.

    As your son said – proud of you, Lori, proud of us as a nation.

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  2. Lori, I appreciate that you took time to reflect on what matters to you instead of just going on with the day you had planned. I appreciate that you are curious about the world around you. I appreciate that you stand up for what you believe. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Good on you Lori. I wish I was in a situation where I could participate. (not sure which side though. The jury is still out)……….Trump and our Prime minister agree on ONE policy of which I am 100% in agreement…..The Obama/Clinton camp would never have voted on this.) Strange days we live it when morality truth and the pursuit of human rights are scrambled and neither side seems to be in alignment. Well done on your stand! Cheers.

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  4. Good for you….I would wear a pink hat with pride too… your sons were for you and not worried for you…..hope your seeing some sun…my sister up in Port Angeles says its dumping rain today, at least its not snow!! Won’t talk about our weather…LOL

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  5. A great sense of camaraderie when you come into contact not with issues, but with the people who express in a civilized way how they feel about particular issues. It is known that “bad things happen when good people do nothing”. Good for you !

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    1. I worry that rights will start to erode if we aren’t vigilant. When I read history or learn about current events, I want to know what could have been done or what should be done now.

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      1. We can get bogged down with these worries. My mother taught me, “if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, ignore it. If you can’t ignore it, change your outlook.” If we lose the right to have an OUTLOOK, I think all will be lost….

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