Walkin’ in Sunshine!

There is nothing more glorious in the Pacific Northwest than when the sun shows its face.

Rain, rain, rain and then a sunny day to end the weekend.

Walking, I encountered a festive air among people on the sidewalks and at sidewalk cafes. It was chilly but that did not stop sun deprived Oregonians from sitting outside sipping their lattes.

I, on the other hand, opted to sit inside while enjoying a cafe au lait and a tarte tian* at St. Honore’s Bakery.

Dining and relaxing at St. Honore Bakery.



Who doesn’t smile at this reminder of childhood?

Such a mystery.  Who are Scarlet and Lincoln?  Are they friends?

A little social commentary posted in a shop window.wp-1489951106330.jpg


What woman doesn’t need best girlfriends?


Chico’s window.   With sizes 000-4, who can lose? Did someone say slimming girlfriend jean?



Ready to burst into spring color!



A brave trailblazer making a stand.

Brave little flower!

Today the  rains are back full force…ah, Portland!

  • Tarte Tian:  Puff pastry layered with seasonal vegetables, herbs and cheese


21 thoughts on “Walkin’ in Sunshine!

  1. Same story here! But wasn’t it great to have a sunny day. Ours was a cold one, but I’ll take it, as long as it’s sunny. Today is cloudy and another weather system is moving in, but I feel hopeful about spring.

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      1. Thank you so much, Lori. Reviews are so helpful to authors and readers alike. I know the story of Julia is a bit melancholy much of the time but I hope you enjoyed getting to know her character. If you want a more upbeat light read, you might want to try Orion’s Gift. Thanks again for the review!

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  2. That looked like a gorgeous day, with uplifting sidewalk chalk art and a rebellious bright yellow flower making a bold appearance.

    Oh, but I bet size 000 women everywhere were flocking to get those totally useful slimming pants. After all, who needs nature when you can stay indoors all day in a futile attempt to cut yourself out of slimming jeans that would be atrociously tight on a scarecrow? 😝

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    1. It was a great day to be outside.
      The sizing at Chico is a marketing ploy aimed at women who feel better wearing a smaller size even though the size may not reflect reality.
      It is great to see hints of spring everywhere including my own little garden.
      Here’s to sunny days regardless of the weather.

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    1. It is amazing how therapeutic a bit of sunshine can be. It is the promise of spring that serves to lighten my mood! Thanks for reading and commenting. So kind of you!


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