Tips to Build Self-Confidence

Wednesday morning.

I feel weary and overwhelmed.

I don’t have much time for reflection or recuperation as I hop on the treadmill of my daily life.

Three more work days before the weekend!

Skimming my emails I found these encouraging words from the Mayo Clinic.

Gain confidence for success!

Believing in yourself is key to making healthy changes.

If you feel like you’re falling short in self-confidence, try these five tips:

1. Focus on skills that have worked for you in the past.

2. Consider your strengths and play to them.

3. Identify what personally motivates you to succeed.

4. Make small changes over time.

5. When you have a setback, start fresh the next day.   (Yes!)

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks to the Mayo Clinic for these tips.

28 thoughts on “Tips to Build Self-Confidence

  1. May I add something to the Mayo list? I’m feeling the same way just now and I think the weather has something to do with it. My addition to the list: Make a list, choose the priority, begin with ONE thing. Once you get going, everything else will follow. If it doesn’t follow, make another list, etc.
    Don’t worry. You are not alone in feeling like this at this time of year.

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    1. Thanks for your perspective and suggestions. I like the list idea. Getting the momentum going! The sun came out today and that improved my outlook. Cheers from somewhat sunny Portland.🙂

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  2. LoriGreer, Good Post!!!!
    Being mentally prepared and ready for anything should be #1 on everyone’s list.
    Get the work done, then take some time for YOU.
    I won’t go into the details, but you have had plenty of time to celebrate your wins and dissect the near wins, so clear your mind of the stress, anger, sadness, etc..
    Concentrate…. and “still” yourself. You can only do this by breathing properly, evenly, and silently.
    NEVER have Quality Time with your Family with any of the day’s or week’s baggage occupying and cluttering-up your mind.
    Preparation is paramount.
    When it is time, go out there, give it your all, and DO it. If one goes with the attitude “I am going to “TRY” to do it”, they have already lost, just as hoping for “LUCK” is a sure sign of lack of preparation. One might not win every time, but there is a satisfaction in being prepared and going out and leaving it all on the field.
    As for Quality Time, it is the perfect time to make good memories.

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    1. Very good, insightful advice. I like the idea of “me time” equals alone time. Thank you for talking time to explain your approach so well. Reading your comments makes me feel calmer.

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      1. Lori Greer, You are very welcome!!!!
        Thank You so much for your kind words, you have a very Good Heart.
        To be all that you are and wish to be, you have to be mentally ready as well as physically ready.
        If only more parents, and in fact more people cared. Raising one’s voice isn’t good for a relationship, and most especially for Children. But for newborns, it is a very bad thing. So many babies do not bond properly or at all, due to several things, but they get scared so easily and this doesn’t end really soon. A Mother can’t be the only one taking care of a newborn, the Father should help as near half or at least a quarter of the time, so Mom can have time to herself.
        I worked full time, and I got up as near every night as I possibly could for all 4 of my boys.

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  3. Good tips for every day of the week. I find in my full-time career as a writer now, I work seven days a week. But I also find I don’t have to look forward to the weekend so much, since I love working every day. :-0

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    1. I think that is the secret to a successful life…to have work that you love. I also end up working almost everyday because I choose to usually. It allows me to be flexible with my time. Cheers from rainy Portland.

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