Beauty 3.26.17

Just home from a brief stay at the Oregon Coast.

My mind is  reeling with the beauty I saw.

Beauty on the shoreline.

Beauty in the  parks.

Beauty everywhere in its purest, natural state.

Back at home, I am determined to enjoy the beauty in my world.  

Red Platter


This red platter was a gift from my son Blake years ago.

I love the color and the feel of it.

The contrast between the hard boiled eggs and the red plate pleased me.

See the shadows?


The Trillium


The trillium grows wild in  Oregon.  It is simple, unassuming and lovely.

It is the state flower of Ohio and Ontario.  Interesting as I thought it was the state flower of Oregon!  I was not the only one with this mistaken idea.

Trillium ovatum This is the flower that comes to mind when one hears the name “Trillium.” Mistakenly thought by many to be Oregon’s state flower by virtue of its abundance, its pure, bright white flower held above the triumvirate of bright green leaves is a welcome sight in the woods as well as the woodland garden.   Portland Nursery


A Flower Arrangement

wp-1490541991002.jpgThese were the centerpieces at the Owen Roe Winemaker’s Dinner last week.

The food, wine and ambiance were first class.

The event  was held in the Garden Room at Elephant’s on NW 22 Avenue, Portland.

It was a rainy night.  These flowers warmed the room.

My Favorite


The outdoor area between the Zupan’s Market and the Zupan’s Florist in Lake Oswego.

The area is  inviting even on a rainy day with the lighting, the outdoor heaters, and an abundance of flowers and plants.

Scattered throughout are tables for eating.

People sit in the sun here.

People sip coffee here or eat burgers fresh off the grill.

Girl Scouts sell cookies here.

Large community suppers are held here.

A wonderful welcoming part of Zupan’s Market.


Being mindful.

Living in the here and now.

Slowing down. Taking note of beauty. My life is enriched.

I wish the same for you.



23 thoughts on “Beauty 3.26.17

      1. Thanks for sharing that information. I am currently planning a trip to Boston and then to Montreal. Not sure when or for how long but I am excited to see that part of Canada. I go every summer to British Columbia.


      2. Montreal was (perhaps still is) a rather political city with an emphasis on the banning of the English language from the Province. Canada is legally bi-lingual (English & French), and Quebec is the only Province that wants to restrict everything to French. My French is very poor so when I was there I tried to get by with English, but it was a very frustrating experience. Service received was poor.
        In contrast , Quebec City is a popular “tourist town” and would welcome Swahili if that was your choice of language! Quebec City loves its visitors. Montreal is rather less enthusiastic. Just one man’s experience obviously. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      3. You’re very welcome. If you know anybody there who will show you around, it will probably be a quite different experience but, failing that, my choice would be Quebec City (or a different Province completely).

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I am going as a tourist. I will read & plan an itinerary. I will check with various tour groups just in case they have a plan that works for me. At least I speak some French and of course English. I am upping my travels and seeing more of Canada is on my list.


  1. Amazing post, Lori. So full of life. The last paragraph about being mindful is a treasure. I have realized (late in life) that is what life is truly about. If I can do that everyday, I will live a beautiful life. ❤ : )

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  2. I’d like to add more comment to ColinandRay’s comments about Quebec City vs Montreal. I don’t know Montreal very well – I’ve only been there a few times for a day or two on each visit, but I’m very familiar with QC. It is a beautiful city and well worth visiting.
    I know so many people who are reluctant to travel in Quebec because of the french language, but don’t let it be a deterrent. My french is spectacularly poor, but I’ve never encountered anything except friendly help.

    The difference is that Montreal is a very large city compared to QC. Large cities by definition are faster paced and more impatient than smaller centres. The indifference you will encounter in Montreal is more a function of its size rather than the politics of language. That is true of any large city you travel to in the world. There is a LOT of English in Montreal and visiting it is not any worse than visiting any large city.

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  3. Beautiful photographs. Contentment is worth more than happiness which is fleeting . Finding beauty in simple things is my hearts yearning. Thank you for posting and sharing.


  4. This was good to read and made me laugh at myself because I can find beauty in a fly’s sparkling wings as it sits on a fence post in the sun.. Still photos of a crown, from a milk drop at the moment of impact on a flat surface..
    Your pictures are nice.. My favorite is the flowers in the vase.. Your description of warmth comes through in the picture..


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