Writing on the run

I was trying so hard to post every day on my blog.

I was trying to answer every comment.

I was trying to read other posts and to comment.

I was doing well and then came my trip.

No big deal I thought. With a few adjustments, you can continue your regular schedule.

Duty Calls

I am staying for awhile with my son, his wife, two dogs and their wonderful new baby.

My sweet granddaughter keeps me on the go while her parents work everyday.

In planning the trip, I brought my laptop and work with me as well as books and projects to fill the time.

I also packed my yoga mat and foam roller.  So glad I did.

I also packed my running shoes.  That’s another story!

I pictured writing, reading and working during her naps.  That’s also another story!

Time? What Time?

Factor in the time change.  I am living in the central time zone operating on pacific time.

Factor in the sheer physical labor of caring for an active six month old.

Factor in that writing requires ample time to sit, think, write, proofread before hitting the “publish” button.

Factor in that a six-month old calls the shots.

So, my posts may be far and few between during this trip, but the laughs and smiles, and the chubby arms and legs of this little one bring me unbelievable joy.

Please excuse me if the writing is hurried, the syntax poor and the concepts ill-formed.

It’s all her fault!  She’s worth it!

My granddaughter Mabel enjoying life with her Mother on a recent Sunday.  Gotta love that toothless grin!

36 thoughts on “Writing on the run

  1. You do well Lori. I value what you blog. I know my own entries are to be only once or twice a week. I trust absolutely for inspiration because so much of life is a journey of discovery these days. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

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  2. Adorable! Love her name. I’m right there with you. I can leave a comment since my little grandgirlie is nursing right now and not in my arms. Have fun!

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