Stressed by Trump?

“Dr. Estcher Lerman Freeman, clinical psychologist at OHSU*, recently told the Oregonian**,

“I’ve been in practice for 30 years. I’ve never seen people this upset about an election.”

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“If you’ve found yourself anxious or preoccupied lately with national or world events, meditation may be the answer to calm your mind – and could perhaps do even more.

Yoga and Meditation

“Dr. Sara Lazar of Harvard ***has been studying the impact of yoga and meditation on the brain for over 20 years. Her research showed that after eight weeks of a mindfulness-based stress reduction program, participants had an increase in brain volume or cortical thickening in four areas of the brain that are associated with such functions as emotional regulation, perspective-taking, and learning. Importantly, the amygdala, associated with fear and stress, also shrunk in those who meditated.

“Just as physical exercise has a plethora of health benefits, so does mental exercise in the form of meditation.” (OHSU)

The Take Away

After only eight weeks of a mindfulness-based stress reduction program:

participants had an increase in brain volume or cortical thickening in four areas of the brain that are associated with such functions as emotional regulation, perspective-taking, and learning.


the amygdala, associated with fear and stress, also shrunk in those who meditated.

Just a little mindfulness reaps great rewards.


Namaste is the common greeting in yoga. It is a gesture to send a message of peaceful spirituality to the universe in the hopes of receiving a positive message back. Meaning of Namaste

Namaste and peace to all.


* Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is the state’s only academic health center. It provides an uncommon array of services from providing the state’s most comprehensive health care, to educating the next generation of clinicians and biomedical researchers, to achieving breakthroughs and innovations.

** “President Trump isn’t just dominating every news cycle, he’s fueling therapy sessions across the country…”Post-election stress is real,’ said Vaile Wright, director of research at the American Psychological Association. ‘People are really fearful about what’s going on in the country and are reporting concern about the political climate.”    Anxiety in America  article in The Oregonian.

***Harvard Scholar Dr. Sara Lazar

8 thoughts on “Stressed by Trump?

  1. There are undoubtedly higher levels of stress amongst people as a result of the election and the uncertainty it engenders and we all should do what we can to counter its effects on us. It might be of value also however, to consider the stress levels of the citizens of other countries who have had leaders like Kim Jong Il and his son K J Un, Bashar Al Assad and even Vladimir Putin for many more years than they care to think about so as to both give us a better sense of proportion and also to engender more empathy in the world.

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  2. For centuries this country has been controlled by politicians – suddenly – when no one was looking, a businessman became president. I think the current generation, spoiled by years of getting away with whatever they want, is now taken out of their comfort zone and being told to be responsible people, adults and not hiding in their parent’s basements.
    Even people who voted for Pres. Trump don’t know what to expect, but the politician’s way didn’t work – so wait and see ….

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  3. If one keeps one’s energy focused in the right place, good things can come out of challenge. A stressful situation need not devastate you. If you channel your mental energy mindfully you could actually gain from it, as these reports that Lori writes about show. However, if the consequences of the actions of our leaders that are causing us stress cause devastation on a large scale, you have two consolations: one, you will not be alone, and two, if you managed in spite of national fear to remain peaceful and focused, you will be like the grandfather in this child’s joke:
    “I wish to one day die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather…..
    and not like the other screaming passengers in his car.”
    I do hope you notice the twinkle in my eye ❤

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  4. I cannot imagine how stressed many people in the world must be in the current situation. I am stressed by Trump and I live in the UK! Don’t even mention Brexit… I always keep meaning to try yoga & mindfulness and reading your post has encouraged me further. Thank you!

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  5. After a couple of months of deep depression and daily crying since Nov. 8th, I have actually re-started doing yoga and that’s helped. Fighting in other ways (calling, texting, faxing, signing petitions, donating to good causes like ACLU) in conjunction also helped because one of the key things in recovery is holding on to the notion that you can have some control. It’s crucial not to slip into the clinical condition called “learned helplessness” (as experienced by many Holocaust prisoners) because it’s hard to recover after that. Namaste…and hugs!

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  6. As I see it, when confronted with an undesirable situation there are only three paths and they are mutually exclusive. We can either change, accept or avoid. If it is within our power to change it then we should change it. If it is not within our power to change or to avoid then it must be accepted. Being stressed will not add any positive aspect to the process.

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  7. Unfortunately, current use of history is focused on “in living (or recent) memory”. In a broader truly historical view, the perspective changes from “frantic panic” to finding the balance of wisdom. Doesn’t mean things are all rosy, but that maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem… Remember, the election of Abraham Lincoln was the spark that ignited a TRUE civil war within the United States. Terrible loss of life, devastation, and division of a nation. We survived that… Namaste!

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