Render Unto Caesar

Another tax season has come and gone. The government has a pound of my flesh and I am finished until next year. I wish that I could say that this year went better. Alas, not really. I am a creature of habit. I have recorded last quarter’s tax information on my tax spreadsheet. That’s a good start! Now to record each month as the year goes by. If I do that, my taxes next year will be a breeze! Wish me luck!

Lori Greer in Portland


One of my spring rituals is to moan, groan and make everyone within a ten mile radius perfectly miserable as I get in the mood, find time for, and finally settle down to do my taxes.

If I would carve out a nanosecond of the hours I spend kvetching, I would be done in an afternoon. But no, I follow the same playbook each year which may be another definition for insanity. Here is my foolproof system for the dreaded tax day!

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3 thoughts on “Render Unto Caesar

  1. Good Luck with it Lori. I no longer have to fill out stuff like income tax but am responsible for balancing the Cashbook for a Fellowship. It should be done month by month to remain simple. It is now April and I haven’t yet put February’s on the Summary -on line- sheet. May your success be more flowing than mine. Cheers!

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