I’m No Quitter!

It’s Wednesday.

Many of the tasks on my Monday “to do list” have migrated to Wednesday’s list.

That’s how my week is going.

It’s good to have work.

My week is not bad, just busy.  

In the middle of the morning, my friend sent me a text.

This friend has been on vacation for several weeks with a few more weeks to go.

No, I am not jealous!   Really, I’m not.  Well, maybe a little.



This is what she wrote in the text:

“I saw this sign and thought of you.”

How well she knows me!

I definitely am not a quitter.

Or, did she mean my chocolate addiction?

Happy Wednesday!


11 thoughts on “I’m No Quitter!

  1. That’s funny that you mentioned your “to do” list. I just posted a blurb where I mentioned MY “to do” list. I’m glad you’re no quitter when it comes to chocolate. I have a lot of staying power for that habit too.

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  2. Like the whole of life I’m aiming for ‘balance’. In small amounts chocolate is still OK. Balanced and flexible goals still are there BUT one thing changed with me is the hectic almost ‘driven’ necessity to complete my lists in the time frame of MY wanting. Endeavouring to ‘flow’ day by day but ‘Looking for and smelling the roses on the way.’ This goal is my hardest but is proving to be my most sustaining.

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