Beauty Everywhere

Cancer is a waiting game.

Waiting for tests.

Waiting for the doctor.

Waiting for treatments.

Waiting for results. 

Sometimes, I pass the time deleting old emails, texts and photos.

I came across this happy memory from a road trip last year from Portland Oregon to Southern Colorado for my son Blake’s wedding.

Historic 25th Street, in Ogden Utah, August 2016

13 thoughts on “Beauty Everywhere

    1. Hi Ellen, Thank you for the positive perspective. I will try to look at waiting though a different lens. At least we have hope. The doctors did not send her home with no hope for recovery. We hope to convert this from a death sentence to a life sentence with an illness that is manageable. Take care, Lori

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  1. I’ve spent far more time waiting in hospitals these last few years than i would have preferred.
    I hope your waiting soon brings a positive result Lori and that you have plenty of distractions to keep you occupied as you support those who need it in places you would much prefer not to have to be in. 🙂


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  2. a MASSIVE HUG from far away. May each day bring images of beauty to bring Hope. I too have spent a lot of waiting time in recent years. I have seen the minor become major and the seemingly hopeless and difficult have astonishing recovery. Such is the journey of life. Every day is a Gift. (Open it)!

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