Mabel Says “Think Like a Proton”

Feeling a little down?

Overwhelmed by your circumstances?

Feel like nothing ever goes right?

Coach Mabel has advice for you!

Think Like a Proton!  Stay Positive!!

From the Mouth of Babes

Mabel knows frustration.

Recently she has been trying to crawl but, darn it she just can’t get her arms and legs going in the same direction at the same time. Then again, sometimes she gets “high centered” on her fat little baby belly.

But perseverance paid off!  Today she is crawling and wiggling her way across the room! Sometimes, she goes backwards, but, hey, it’s all part of the process.

Mabel knows pain.

These past few days her bottom teeth have been trying to break through.  Lots of drooling and chewing on anything and everything.

Yesterday she bit my finger to let me know that indeed those baby teeth had broken through her gum. Needless to say, those little baby teeth are sharp!

Mabel knows indignation.

This week instead of being nursed by her mother or having a bottle of her mother’s milk, we have been trying to feed her formula in a bottle.

She is standing her ground and saying no to this dietary change and, if called for, will knock the bottle to the floor.

Mabel does not know worry or hard times.

Yet, sometimes, it seems that she feels the tension and worry all around her as her mother begins her treatment for cancer.  Usually though, she brightens even the most serious conversation with a shriek or grin.  She loves being the center of attention.  Peek-a-boo is her favorite game.

Coach Mabel.

She inspires us to hang in there.

She insists that we stand our ground in the battle against cancer.

Think like a proton.  Stay positive!

18 thoughts on “Mabel Says “Think Like a Proton”

  1. This little one so adorable is the light shining for all of you. In her trials and over-comings is your earthly comfort and purpose. Thanks for sharing this delightful post.

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  2. I hope you print this post, in color, and frame it for Mabel, when she is old enough to understand this chapter of her life and how as a baby, her budding personality made light, heart warming moments, so much needed by the people around her.. Maybe also print out the comment section and stuff it behind the picture so she can read the comments her cuteness inspired from people far and wide..
    Take care, keep strong 💛

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