Any Excuse to Drink!

I have read that there are health reasons…something about red wine is good for my heart.

Nice to know, but I would drink a glass of wine regardless.

A Glass of Red Wine

Sipping a wonderful, full-bodied red wine brings me joy.

It is a bridge between my busy day and the still of evening.

It reminds me of happy times with family and friends over the years.

It reminds me of my travels.  Red wine in little cafes all over Europe.

Refilling our plastic jugs with red wine in rural Spain.

Opening a bottle of red wine that was so bad that we put soy sauce in it.  It did improve the flavor! I don’t recall the country.

Drinking red wine in “glasses” we fashioned from Vienna sausage cans we wiped clean on the train to Marrakech.  The Marrakech Express!

In a corner of my basement, bottles of red are waiting for their turn on the stage.


Open to New Ideas

So, I do not need any more reasons to drink red wine.

Yet to prove that I am  flexible in my thinking and open to new ideas,

Here is one more reason to open a bottle.

A clever use for corks. No burned fingers!

My clever friends inserted wine corks in the lids of their cookware.

No searching for a pot holder.  No burned fingers.

Sadly, these lovely All Clad* pans live at my friends’ house and not mine.

Yet another reason to drink wine!


*Today, from its own mill in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, All-Clad uses American craftsmen and American-made metals to produce a complete line of superior cookware. The innovative, high-performance bonded cookware that All-Clad is known for is handcrafted in the USA by American artisans using American steel. All Clad Cookware

18 thoughts on “Any Excuse to Drink!

  1. Gonna try that! Treat yourself to a couple of pieces of All Clad. You deserve it right now. I got my first about a year ago after 50+ years of cooking. My friend’s husband did all of the cooking in their family and passed away a few years ago. When I told her about my new cookware, she said come and take whatever you want from mine, so now I have many different pieces. I think about dear Bob whenever I use them.

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  2. Love it! I may have to steal the cork idea 😍😎… my doctor told me years ago to drink a glass a day to replace anxiety meds (as I completely loath taking pills, of any sort) .. not that you need another reason 😉, but I’d say it’s a good one too!

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  3. Breast cancer and red wine. That’s a new one on me. It was initially after I had first been diagnosed with (thank God) minor cell changes and needed surgery that my doctor asked about whether or not I drank. I replied ‘one glass of red wine with my evening meal.’ His response “Never stop doing that, it will be your future health of body and is a perfect encouragement to medical people who have to operate. Good for blood, heart and good for healing.’ I’m delighted and continue to enjoy this daily glass which I love most if we are having a meat meal BUT……even with prawns or fish it still ok by me.

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  4. There’s probably something to what Laurel says – even pure water can kill you if you drink too much at once!! Pure water absorbs minerals and nutrients from our body when it enters our system and we can then remove things we’d otherwise need when we perspire or otherwise lose fluid from our body. The best thing to drink is mineralised water so that we do not just lose nutrients that are good for us when we drink. Wine could be a possible substitute providing we are prepared for all the consequences of some alcohol in our system.
    If everything we eat or drink could poison us then we have a choice between dying by poisoning or dying by starvation/thirst – the former likely provides the longest lifetime.
    So Cheers! 🙂 Raise that glass and delay your fate 🙂

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