Words from my neighbor

As a daily walker, I find many rewards. Simple pleasures.

First, of course, being outdoors in nature.  Even in the rain it is refreshing and restorative.

Then, the sights along the way.  Vignettes of beauty in flowers, rocks, trees. 

Seeing others. There is comfort in seeing familiar faces as we nod and say hello in passing.  I don’t know their names but they are part of my community.

There are the little children who ask shyly to pet my dog Ginny.  She loves the attention.

Other people’s gardens and landscapes provide ideas and inspiration for my little yard.

Yesterday, I saw this sign on a neighbor’s wall.  I don’t know this neighbor well but I like how she thinks!

I think these make great rules for living.

~Sign in the neighborhood~Photo Lori Greer~June 2018~Portland, Oregon~