Forget Cargo Pants

“If you look back (at) pictures of women who have strong style, you will never find pictures of a cargo pant.”     French designer Johanna Senyk*

Cargo Pants GettyImages-1034250344
A model wearing cargo pants on the Prabal Gurung spring 2019 runway Victor VIRGILE

I have never owned and never plan to own or wear cargo pants.

Give me the classics, give me flattering silhouettes, and let me wear my clothes as a thoughtful expression of me not following unflattering and often silly trends.

Sorry, 7th Avenue! **

* Cargo Pants:  The Most Hotly Contested Trend for Women by Katharine K. Zarrella, in the the Wall Street Journal.

**in the Garment District of NYC.

Photo from Glamour Magazine,

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