The end of my sanity

Most of my days are pretty peaceful.

They are predictable especially now during the pandemic.

My house stays clean and tidy because there are so few visitors.

That’s all coming to an end around mid-September.

What’s happening then?

This little one is happening!

pexels-photo-1458926.jpeg Doodle

I am excited to share that I am getting a mini Aussiedoodle puppy!!

I don’t know yet if I will get a boy or girl or what the colors will be.

The breeder will make the selections when the puppies are five weeks old.

With winter coming and the pandemic not leaving, I did not want to endure grey Oregon days and long nights in solitude.  I have missed my sweet Goldendoodle, Ginny, who passed in January.  So, it was time.

Having a puppy will be a lot of work and probably exhausting at times, but I think this little doggy will be worth it.

I am passing on sanity in favor of fun and happiness.




15 thoughts on “The end of my sanity

  1. Well dear lady, your one up on me, I didn’t know they even existed. And I live ‘down under’ 😂 🤣
    And such a cutie to boot, he will indeed be a great distraction. Enjoy…or he will make you 😂 🤣

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  2. This is great news .I look forward to reading and seeing more. Our little one is certainly an extra joy to us during these days of limited contact. She is a vibrant reminder of each day*s new Promise. Cheers!

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  3. Wonderful! That will be so exciting for you, Lori. So happy for you. And when you get the dog as a puppy, you will bond with it, and it with you. Those early weeks are so important. Can’t wait to see him/her when you get the puppy. We’ll get pictures, of course, right?

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    1. Thank you. Yes there will be picures and more pictures! I am looking forward to this new puppy! I am taking an online course on dog training. It has been a long time since I trained a dog!
      I hope your day is going well. Beautiful weather here. lori

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      1. It’s good to hear that you’ll take a course on dog training. That can make your life so much easier. Great idea!!
        Lovely weather here just now – not too hot, not too cold. Just right. Have a good rest of the week.

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  4. The happiness and excitement that you have expressed as a response to a new addition in your life is amazing. Your relationship with your new partner in life will be will be one to cherish.

    Love to you.

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