On the eve of our election


I should be sleeping. 

That thought kept running through my head in the early morning hours.  

I listened to several meditation podcasts before I finally dropped off. 

This morning, I don’t feel rested.  I feel anxious and on edge.  

Tomorrow is Election Day in the USA.  

Yet, I know it will not be over regardless of who is elected president. 

I hope my fellow Americans, regardless of political persuasion, will do the right thing.  

We have so much work to do together.  

15 thoughts on “On the eve of our election

  1. what a minefield of uncertainties elections have become. Even here in Oz State and Federal are now in different political paddocks. Who is really for the betterment of society in entirety and who is self-focussed.? Only the future shows clearly. We do not ever want another Hitler anywhere in our world.

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  2. I feel the world did watching. We are equally on pins and needles here in Canada. PS Lori I can no longer “ like “ your posts. I want to 🙂 technically it doesn’t seem to work .

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    1. Thank you Jude for commenting. I am often bemused by WordPress especially with the changes to the website. I hope you are well. We are on pins & needles too as the day unfolds. ♥️ Lori


  3. This has been a very personal election to me. I too have been on a roller coaster of sorts for 4 years. I pray tha Biden takes us forward in a more positive manner. I ‘m frightened, however, that the current sitting President is doing everything in his power to hobble him/us and that saddens me to no end. I pray that Biden is able to heal a country that has been so divided. I want/need a President who represents ALL of us; not just a small, select few.

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    1. Your words reflect how I feel. The past four years have been horrific. I hope and pray that good, decent Americans who support our Constitution will be active and vigilant. I think Trump and his cronies will pose a threat for a long time.
      Peace, Lori

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