Signs from Seattle

Seattle is home to Amazon.

Like him or not, Jeff Bezos changed the world of retail and made a pretty penny along the way.

I remember when he first started and was not making any money with his ventures.

Who knew that he would give new meaning to the word amazon?

As for me, I opt for other services when I can because I don’t want to support just one retailer.

I like having options.

I remember the “Walmart effect” when the giant big box put the little guys out of business in towns across America. Afterwards, there was no one to consult for product advice and no one providing service after the sale.

That is still the face of retailing in America and it is especially annoying when we spend big bucks for appliances, cars, and electronic gadgets.

You don’t get something for nothing.

Yet, on the streets, Amazon delivery trucks are everywhere it seems. The parking lots of the big box stores are full. People come out with carts loaded with “good buys” that fill their homes and evenually the landiflls.

Conspicuous consumption. Mindless consumerism.

3 thoughts on “Signs from Seattle

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Each retailer who sells for Amazon must agree to not sell their products for less than Amazon does. I avoid them and Walmart for the same reasons.

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