Who needs sleep?

I should have known that I was tempting fate when I set my alarm for 8 A.M. today.

Sure enough Riley was up at 5, “requesting” my attention.

I had to get up…

I carefully made my way down the stairs and opened the door to the back garden.

A few minutes later she was back in the house.

I foolishly thought we would go back to sleep.  

To her credit, she did lie down but just could not settle into sleep.

A few puppy kisses later, I was up for the day at 5:30.

She went outside again and I made coffee.

Now she is asleep by the fire.

I am wide awake sipping coffee earlier than I had planned.  

I heard a train’s whistle blow as it passed.

At least someone else is awake!

How it is

I learned years ago with my children that I had to adjust my life to meet their needs.

Some were easy adjustments, others more demanding.  

Such is the price of loving and caring for others.  

Have a wonderful day!


10 thoughts on “Who needs sleep?

  1. It is just a wee bit harder as we get older, and you being 35 it would test you somewhat 😀. A small blessing that ‘this’ toddler has toilet breaks and eats but doesn’t have nappies or feeds through the night and all that it means too. But those eyes and the snuggles too, alas, they hold our hearts well 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

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  2. I will admit to turning 36,,,,yes it is all harder but our little dog tests our patience by her early barking but repays 100 fold by her love. I never knew before how much joy a needy little white Maltese terrier can bring.

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  3. Have you read Anne Tyler’s breathing lessons? I think you might enjoy it. I find your place warm, cosy, welcoming. Thank you for writing a comment on my November’s post which prompted me to return the visit and discover you. Paula

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