Once upon a time.

Did I ever tell you about the time that Christmas was cancelled at my house?

I was a little kid. 

My Father was dead.  

My Mother was left  with three little children.  

Like all little kids, we were excited for Christmas. 

It turned out to be the worst Christmas ever. 

Mother was upset.  

I did not know why but I felt as if I had done something wrong.  

There were no presents under the tree.  

All was quiet.  

I am an adult now.

No more tears.

4 thoughts on “Once upon a time.

  1. But it still holds your heart dear lady, for a time lost, or a gift of love never received. But the love itself is still there, even if they have moved on. I’ll never forget being shown unconditional love and looking back down here and ‘knowing’ that I didn’t have to worry about back here, I ‘would’ see them again. Have a beautiful Christmas Lori, hold that connection of love, it is something of a wonder in all we do, ever showing us it isn’t going anywhere. Big hugs dear lady, and have a wonderful day 😀❤️🙏🏽🦋🎅🏽🦌🕊🎄🎁⛄️

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  2. Divine Love Who is the Gift of Christmas can rekindle old memories and light a new and refreshed memory so that Love rises higher than the sorrow. I hope your day was blessed. Hugs to you from across the ocean where heat not snow is our Christmas legacy.

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