My Super Power

I love to read.

I also like background music while I read. 

Soft, but not elevator music.  

My reading chair is close to my speaker. 

As I was reading today, I had to lower the volume in order to concentrate. 

It was then that I realized that I had lost one of my Mom super powers…the ability to drown out background noise of any kind.

I could read, talk on the phone, write a letter or make a list even when chaos was happening all around me to include the dog throwing up!

This skill kept me sane, especially on days when my rambunctious boys were confined indoors due to inclement weather.  

My sons are grown with their own domestic chaos.

My days are quiet and predictable.

Everything in its place, for the most part, day after day.

I relish this quiet even though, at times, I miss the busyness of parenting.

I miss being needed, being accountable for someone, to someone.

There is no turning back the clock.

I am grateful for my life.

6 thoughts on “My Super Power

  1. Your heart is just asking you to let go what no longer matters and listen to it. Listen to the true you…and do what you love. It can be scary after a lifetime of ‘being’ something for everyone else…but when you do you will discover a beauty beyond words. Your love, not what you have given to everyone else but doing you. Not selfishly, not reservedly, not even on a quota…but totally, fully, for you. Do you and then that is what you give out. They say a lady gives that way naturally, but I have only ever met the guards at the door. Sack them Lori…and be free 😀❤️🙏🏽

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  2. My super Mom power is long gone too. I still remember times of chaos. Today, I live a different life. Quieter yes but still surrounded by the chaos of craft projects,,,,,, a little dog terrified of inclement weather and myself and hubby both seniors in the winter of our lives. Me an older lady with limited desire to do the physically tiring clearing up etc.
    I too value and like my life.
    I farewell more friends as the years unfold. But, I am content and grateful for ALL I have. Blessings!

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  3. So true!!!!!! I no longer have the concentration I did either ! Aging is a bizarre thing and yes it’s still odd that we don’t have kids running amok even though it has now been 9 years 🙂 it’s all ok and lovely but odd

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