My Favorite Food Places

Disclosure:  In my work with AJP Northwest, I have the opportunity to visit many restaurants, bakeries, bars and food carts.  Many of the places that I recommend are clients of AJP Northwest.   However, I would never recommend a place unless I loved it.  It’s that simple!  Continue reading “My Favorite Food Places”

A New Life for Ginny

Every once in a while, I yearn for a dog.  I envision a sweet, loving dog sitting by my desk as I work, accompanying me on long walks, and listening to me as I talk to her instead of myself.  When I have this feeling, I visit a few websites and bookmark pictures of dogs that I like.  That usually is the end of it which is a good thing as I work full time and travel often.  My life does not accommodate a dog! Continue reading “A New Life for Ginny”


Welcome to my world and my journey as a busy woman!   I love my life!  I am happy and busy with my career, my family, friends, and activities.   I will share my “finds”, my insight and my experiences.  I do this to lighten the load for another, to make someone’s day a little better and perhaps to solve a problem or offer a different perspective on a situation.  Also, I will share guest posts!

Please stay tuned for fun, interesting and informative posts.  Cheers!

Working from Home!

Continue reading “Working from Home!”