Paris? Oui!


Paris Eiffel Tower

Did  your Mom ever scold you about leaving things to the last minute?  Mine did, but the lesson never stuck.

I remember a childhood story about a boy who always  waited until Sunday night to do his homework. Imagine the upset when his friends decided to go to the movies one Sunday night and  he couldn’t join them because his homework assignments were waiting for him in his backpack.

That’s how I feel about my upcoming trip to France.  Did I say France?  Oui!

The heavens opened up one day recently when my friend invited me to meet her in Provence.  She will have a house and a car…what more do we need than a few Euros to enjoy two weeks in Provence?

I have so much to do before I leave.  Why oh why did I not keep up with the myriad of tasks and chores that have to be done before I leave?    At least my taxes are done…at least my part.   Read about my fool proof  tax preparation system Render Unto Caesar here.

Why did I slack off on my French language review that I began in January?

Why did I not apply for a Global Pass earlier so I could avoid long lines at the airport?

The list of unfinished tasks goes on. I feel as though “I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep” before I board the plane from Portland to Amsterdam to Paris!

Who cares?  Just like my younger, college self I will pull all-nighters and get it done.  I can sleep on the plane.   I will be in Paris for a few days and then Provence!!

It will be bittersweet to return for the first time without my husband.   But, I have to go.  It is time.  He would want me to go.



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