Mrs. ‘Arris


I loved reading the Mrs. ‘Arris series when I was a child.  

I learned life lessons as this London char woman, Ada Harris, went to Paris, New York, Parliament and Moscow on different pursuits.

My hands down favorite was Mrs. ‘Arris goes to Paris.   It was then that I first fell in love with couture and Paris.

Angela Lansbury stars in a film version of the Paris adventure which earned a 80% rating from  Rotten Tomatoes.  I might have to watch it soon to see if the actress comes close to the vision in my mind’s eye of Ada Harris.    Omar Shariff is a co-star.

These are fun, easy to read books always with a moral for young readers.

With summer around the corner, I picture a young child in the porch swing captivated by these sweet stories.  At least I was!







12 thoughts on “Mrs. ‘Arris

  1. Oh these take me back! He’s a magical writer and fuelled my love for speculative fiction with the way he bent normality in a number of his books. A teacher read us ‘Snowflake’ which is a great book about the water cycle and I was off… I loved ‘The Love of Seven Dolls’ and, of course, ‘The Snow Goose’ but my particular favourite was ‘Jennie’ which made me cry – other than the Mrs ‘Arris books, which I also devoured the moment they came into the library. Ironically the book I never read of his was ‘The Posidon Adventure’ which I believe was his most popular. Thank you for bringing back a raft of happy memories:)


  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I love children’s books. They always have so much to say to adults, too. I’ll see if my library has any in their system.


  3. What a wonderful memory you have evoked here. Yes indeed Mrs’arris! I must see if we can find the film you mentioned or even locate the book in our library. It’s great to ‘refresh’ the next generation too about this literature. Thank you. I wonder if I myself will ever visit Paris? Enjoy!


  4. My daughter and I love that film! I can say without a doubt it is my favorite. I haven’t been able to find it but so want to see it again. I had no idea it was a book! Angela Lansbury did a great job in it. I lived in France when I was three until I was six. I attended French school and had a French babysitter. But I have very few memories so any movie like that is magical to me. I am so glad that you posted this!

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    1. How sweet that you and your daughter like this movie. These will be wonderful books to share. Your French must be wonderful. Do you speak French with your daughter?


      1. I spoke fluent French as a child in France so my dad says. I do not remember that or how to speak it. Makes me so sad. When I home schooled my children I tried to teach them French but that did not go so well. She is 26 now.


      2. I believe that if you developed an “ear” for French, speaking and understanding French will come back when/if you ever try again for yourself. As for me, I am going to continue to practice my French in Portland. I plan to return to France again. My niece homeschools her three sons…lots of work!


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