Ce petit cadeau


Francois’ card with his gift from the Flea Market in Paris.

François gave us these sterling silver escargot forks as a wedding present.

He brought them back from the Paris Flea Market.  His friendship and his gift meant so much to us.


Accompanying the gift were these words.

C’que j’ai appris, ça tient en trois, quatre mots : 

Le jour où quelqu’un vous aime, il fait très beau,                                                

j’peux pas mieux dire, il fait très beau !    * **        


I found those words to be so beautiful then.  

After my husband’s death, I realized how truly beautiful they are.

Fleur de lis                       ***

(Translation in my school girl French):

What I have learned.  It can be said in three, four words.

The day that some one loves you.  It is very beautiful.

I  can not say it any better.  It is beautiful.




17 thoughts on “Ce petit cadeau

  1. To have been loved and cherished is what wraps us in a cocoon when we lose the one who is the love of our lives. My dear husband absolutely adored escargot in garlic butter. A sweet story, Lori.

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