Choc Stars


wp-1462071762251.jpgI consider it my duty when in France to eat as much wonderful chocolate as possible.  I found these delightful chocolate bars in the little town of Beaumes-de-Venise, France.


Such treats…great chocolates, fabulous wine and  incredible food!

I left my heart in Beaumes-de-Venise!

Learn more and order these wonderful bars at Choc Stars

Sorry for the glare on the photos…still learning!

Craving another bite of chocolate?  See this post  Chocolate!



20 thoughts on “Choc Stars

  1. I’m in France at the moment and would love to find these chocolate bars; they’re hilarious. Being a Brit, I particularly like the one of the queen! Great post.


  2. I’m in France, at the moment. I’ll have to look out for these chocolate bars. They are hilarious! Being a Brit, I particularly like the one with the Queen. Great post.


  3. Look great!. Image they taste good too. As a child I could never eat things shaped like animals. Even Easter Bunnies etc I always kept them on a shelf like toys. Keep enjoying your journey.


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