Charming Billy


In the midst of what often seems a “dog eat dog” world with violence, rudeness and utter disregard for common courtesy arrives this little note.

Written on a white embossed card, it reminds me of the lovely dove flying to find a place to land in Biblical times.   In this case, the card traveled from Alabama to land in Portland, Oregon.

A sales clerk from the Billy Reid store in Florence, Alabama took the time to thank me for a recent purchase of two sale tops which were shipped free to Portland.  Not a big sale for Billy Reid.

The tops were wrapped in heavy Kraft paper and tied with a ribbon.  Attention to detail.

These tops, like most of what I have purchased from Billy Reid, are made in America. Other pieces are made in Canada.

The clothing at Billy Reid is not mass produced.  The few pieces that I own have become my “go to” pieces for what I call my “casual chic” look.  I wear something from Billy Reid almost everyday…which says a lot considering that I own an obscene amount of clothes from other brands!

There was a time when shopping was a more intimate experience.  The shop owner was present and involved in the business.  Buying from the store meant that most of the dollars stayed in the community. The owner and employees may or may not have been neighbors but they were part of the community.

I live in Portland and not Florence, Alabama where the designer Billy Reid has his flagship store. Yet, when I am in Florence, I visit the shop.  Locals tell me that Billy Reid’s opening his store in downtown Florence helped to jump start the  rejuvenation of downtown Florence.

As I walk the few blocks of the downtown area, the vibe feels like a Portland neighborhood with vibrant restaurants and shops.  It feels good to contribute and to enjoy the renaissance of this small downtown area.

The quality clothing, the exemplary service and the ethos of the company make me a loyal Billy Reid customer.

You don’t have to travel to Florence to find Billy Reid clothing for men and women.  There are shops in other cities and, of course, their website.


22 thoughts on “Charming Billy

  1. It’s the little things, the hand written notes, and nice touches that make those things so memorable. I will have to visit their site. 😊

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  2. Isn’t it great to be able to go to a store that makes clothing without farming its production out to another continent?! What a good experience! Something that is getting hard to find in much of Canada. I would love to buy “local.”


  3. How wonderful of you to appreciate the time and care they took to send you your tops, and to make the time to write about it! If only more and more would write of the considerate and lovely actions that people extend daily, perhaps we could overtake all the negative stories that are out there and start feeling happier and prouder of our world. Rather than believe in the lopsided bad world the media portrays. Now I must go check out their website…thanks for sharing!! Oh and I know you will…enjoy your new tops! 🙂


  4. So now you’ve got me curious and I intend to check out Billy Reid’s site. I can’t even imagine someone writing a personal note for an item purchased. Great service. So good to know it’s made in America!

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  5. I have never been to Alabama or Portland, (or America) and I have never bought a knit top. But I can appreciate the thoughtfulness of the employee sending that card in the package, and of you bothering to compliment them on doing so.
    Thanks for following my blog. It is genuinely appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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