“We can make choices.  We can create options to maximize our inner peace and serenity, our health, and our sense of self-worth.”  Edward T. Creagan, M.D.  Mayo Clinic

Several months ago I joined the Mayo Clinic Diet on-line program.  I receive daily menus, suggestions, and other tools for healthy weight loss/maintenance.


The menus and recipes are easy to follow and take the guesswork out of what to eat every day. The best part is that I feel satisfied. Plus, I know that I am eating the nutrients that my body needs.

Each day’s email starts with a quote from a Mayo Clinic health professional.

It makes me feel as though they are talking directly to me.

It works.


21 thoughts on “Choices!

  1. Making choices….This is the intrinsic TRUTH of a serene life. I choose today that I will walk with KINDNESS in my heart and in my outpouring to others (for example). I will choose to eat or not to eat that. I ultimately do have a CHOICE. Freewill is our greatest God-given Gift. We can choose to walk above and beyond the circumstances or we can choose to wallow there. I am FURIOUS. I am justified to be so. However, I can choose to respond in kind and blaze like a furnace back or I can choose (after a deep breath) to respond with quiet dignity. (Easy no way… I learning…I hope so) thanks Lori. Blessings and Peace going to you this day.

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    1. Yes, I do feel empowered when I make good decisions. Even a seemingly simple decision as what to eat is important as the right choice moves me toward a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for reading and commenting on my post. Have a great day!


  2. Oh my just saw the news and Portland looked like a winter wonderland, and cars slip-sliding everywhere….stay safe my friend….hope you’ve made a couple snow angels….Happy Holidays…xxxkat


    1. Yes, I really like the variety of the food, the no-brainer meal planning & shopping. Plus, it has curbed my snacking and helped with portion control. I do love food and socializing so it’s easy to over eat. How are you doing? I hope the New Year is filled with much joy for you!


      1. Right now trying to get over a head cold…aghhh I hate being sick…I feel better but my husband is dealing with it know…we must leave in the morning to make it back to California for up coming appointments that start on Thursday….I make them 4 to 6 months in advance so we can bundle them all….so chin up and more Tylenol we are off….LOL otherwise alls well…looking forward to get into spring, warmer weather and back to the gym…oh my did I really say that…LOL but changing up the gym scene here when I get back and going back to the old pool with a hot tub I used to go to….so kinda excited to do that….xxkat

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