Life is short…

When I was a child the days were endless. Life seemed to stretch forever.

I could hardly wait to start high school, wear makeup, drive, be on my own.

Now decades later, time is  flying past.  The days are never long enough. The years whiz  by.

Although I remember lots of things from my life, in general the past often feels like a blur.

It’s funny what we do remember.

Just a kid…

As a ten-year old at summer camp I sang “I want to be a cowboy’s sweetheart” for the talent show.  I was awful but the camp director saved me from total humiliation by shouting “Wow, I want to be a cowboy!”

Camp was just a few months after my Father’s sudden death.  Going to camp was part of the “therapy” imposed by loving adults.

Family and more family were always around.  An older brother and a younger brother.  One lucky child.

Navigating high school…

High school was a blur of four years.  I remember the pink dress that I wore to the junior prom.

I remember Leslie, Jan and Janet…we ruled.  We were smart and sassy. We passed around a copy of a “dirty book” wrapped in kraft paper. We were so bad!

I remember declaring that “I was a tea drinking socialist”.  I wasn’t sure what that meant but the reaction from my Mother was worth it!

I remember being in love with Wayne in 9th grade.  We were both so shy that our friends practiced “shuttle diplomacy” to help us “like” each  other.

The halls of ivy…

Endless papers, heartfelt talks with my roomies, anxiety about graduating and finding a job, and a boyfriend with marriage on his mind punctuated my college years.

Endless summer days playing tennis and relaxing by the pool until I found a job working in a furniture warehouse.  The owner’s favorite saying was something like “A dollar a day.  In a million days, a millionaire.”  Say what?

A kind professor in graduate school guided me as I researched and wrote my thesis.

I always felt that “real life” was waiting around the corner.

Just passing through…

So life began.  A marriage.  A family. A career.

There were the thousands of little things, mundane activities, ordinary events that define a life.  Wonderful times with my husband and our sons. The thrill of each newborn. The joy of being a family.

There were the hardtimes, the early deaths of  my father, husband, and nephew.

In the past two years, the passing of my Mother, my brother and my best friend of over 30 years.

Life is short…

So, when I saw this sign on a recent trip to Cancun, Mexico*,  it caused me to smile and reflect a bit. Sometimes, these signs are too schmaltzy for me. This one took hold.

There is “readiness” for learning and for treatment.  Perhaps there is “readiness” for acceptance.


Life is short.  No time to waste trying to please others.

Life is short.  No time to waste with self-recrimination.

Life is short. No time to waste judging or trying to control others.

Life is short.  No time to waste regretting the past.

Life is short.  No time to waste.


Further reflections:       Playa Cerrado                          This is Your Life


Thank you for reading and for being a part of my journey.  

*I enjoyed my week in Cancun.  It was so different from the Pacific coast of Mexico where I have visited often.  There were beautiful beaches but also a jungle where I saw many iguanas and a crocodile.  From a safe distance, of course!










25 thoughts on “Life is short…

  1. It seems so hard to slow down and truly appreciate the time we have with people but as my children are getting older I realize the time now is it. To take advantage of the small moments and truly be involved with what we are doing truly is the gift of life.


  2. What a wonderful post Lori. It’s great to reminisce and see where we’ve been but it’s even better to stay in the moment and totally appreciate each day. Yes, life really is short. I loved this post.

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  3. I enjoyed this quite a lot. I don’t like reading blogs written by people who tell me nothing about themselves. I need something to relate to, and I can relate to much of this story. I am sorry for your hard times, and inspired by your will to keep making meaning for yourself and others. Keep going.

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  4. Life is short. It can be an overused saying but it’s so true – my grandma and dad (neither still here) used to say that and now I know it’s true! Thanks for sharing your memories! PS. I love that sign. 🙂

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  5. Thank you. So true. Statement you shared is true not trite when you’re in the place of absorbing. I read a statement…… relevant I think. The VALUE OF A PERSON’S DAYS OR THE LENGTH OF LIFE IS NOT MEASURED BY HOW LONG BUT BY HOW MUCH LOVE WAS GIVEN AND SHARED ON THE WAY. I don’t share personal on my blog (only little bits) because it has a purpose to simply be an encouragement. I love your honesty and certainly relate (except in the loss of husband) A lot of the ‘other’ patterns the happy, sad etc of your life and your blog. Sincerely …….Thank you.

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  6. “What is this life if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare…..” (William Henry Davies)
    Yes indeed, no time to waste on what we don’t want. We realise it more and more, and even more when a precious person has left this world and we can never again say what ought to have been said, or even just smile into their eyes. But how lovely all the same, to remember the person we once were and be tickled by it. To regret nothing that made us smile! Thank you Lori ❤

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  7. Life is to short i will treasure my youth well im getting older each day im 29 but iv got two lovely kids so i will enjoy the short life to the full. Thank you for this blog its brilliant!

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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Two lovely kids make life so wonderful. Enjoy every moment as the years do zip by. It’s a hard concept but
      worth mastering. I have been working on it for years. Have a great weekend .

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  8. I love this post! A comedienne friend of mine has a routine about an old woman who lost everybody and everything in her long struggle under a communist regime and who keeps repeating, like a mantra, “You have to live! You have to live no matter what!”
    I admire people with this kind of attitude.
    I am glad I found you,

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  9. Thank you for sharing. Life is so immensely short. It’s something that I’m being reminded of as well. Whether you’re 16 or 60, it’s all relatively similar in the big scheme of things.

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