Celebrate Pi Day at Lauretta Jean’s

PI DAY is here!

You owe it to yourself to eat pie at  Lauretta Jean’s today, 3.14!

Lauretta Jean’s delicious pies are handcrafted with fresh ingredients.

I have served them proudly at dinner parties.  They are that good!

Who is Lauretta Jean?

She is owner, Kate McMillen’s grandmother.

Lauretta Jean taught Kate everything she knows about being an expert pie maker.


A fun, nostaglic bakery with delicious  sweet and savory  baked goods.


Can’t decide which one?  Try a slice of a few different ones!

Classic Pies

Heirloom Apple, Bourbon Pecan, Banana Cream, Tart Cherry, Chocolate Chess, Blackberry Raspberry Streusel and more.

Speciality Seasonal Pies

Meyer Lemon Chiffon, Chocolate Oatmeal, Key Lime, Blueberry Victoria, Boston Cream, Grapefruit Meringue, and lots lots lots more!

Pi Day Specials at Lauretta Jean’s

Get 3 slices for $14! (Haha, get it?!)

A lil Cherry Gin Rickey for $3.14 at Division for the cocktail lovers in the neighborhood.

Downtown will be open 7am-5pm and Division 8am-10pm so pop over and treat yourself to 3 slices in the name of PI and MATH and even EINSTEIN.

Fun fact – 3.14 was Einstein’s  birthday!


Lauretta Jean’s  www.laurettajeans.com

3402 SE Division, Portland, OR.

SW 6th & Pine, Portland, OR.

Please note:  The content and pictures are from  Lauretta Jean’s newsletter and website.





14 thoughts on “Celebrate Pi Day at Lauretta Jean’s

    1. Sounds delicious. I hope you enjoyed it. How was your Ides of March?

      BTW, I am planning a trip to NE.
      I will fly to NE, rent a car and take a road trip. Also, plan/hope to pop into Canada.
      Travel times are probably late May or early June. Otherwise I will wait until the fall.
      I am so excited!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your kind offer. I am sure I will take you up on it. It is so fun to plan a trip! Have a great Thursday & Happy Panda Day, Lori


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