Mini Chinese Lesson

I love the whimsical ambiance of Dan Wei Canting.*

I go for the fantastic food but enjoy the atmosphere.


The staff is friendly and attentive.

It was a great place for an early dinner recently.

It was raining and I had just seen a powerful, one-person play “Golda Meir”.

I was ready to exhale and relax.

Colorful Table Sign

This was my order number for my food.  It was fun to read while waiting for my food to come to the table.

Notice the plant making its way through the soil.


My Favorite Table Sign

Notice the three uses of “ma”.  This one rewards your attention to its detail.  A definite conversation starter!wp-1490740428612.jpg







These signs demonstrated the attention to detail of the owners which is evident in the quality food and service.

All the right things!

*Dan Wei Canting    is my post about my first visit to Dan Wei Canting.   803 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97214   503.236.6050

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