Hello Beautiful Day

I woke up at 4 A.M. this morning.

I debated if I should get up and start my day.

Afterall, I could accomplish a lot in the quiet of the morning.

Instead, I decided to read so I would fall back asleep.

Sleep a few more hours, I told myself, and then “Hit it full steam ahead!”

The Best Sleep

So, I read a bit and fell back asleep.

It was the best sleep.  A small luxury.

I woke up a few minutes after 6.

Still plenty of time to “Hit it full steam ahead!”

But only after I had my coffee.

Only after I checked on my new plants on the patio.

Only after I gave Ginny* her medicine and a belly rub.

So, here I am

It’s 7:30

I am still in my pajamas.

Still drinking coffee and easing into the day.

No matter what I do…

No matter where I go…

It’s going to be a great day!


Happy day to you

No matter where you are,

No matter what the weather is,

No matter what happens,

I wish you a beautiful day!


* Ginny, my sweet Golden Doodle.

A New Life for Ginny

Ginny Ain’t Misbehavin’


19 thoughts on “Hello Beautiful Day

  1. Had a similar morning. My wife is visiting granddaughters, so I am alone with the two pups. They woke me a 5:30 stating they wanted breakfast. Got up, fed them, opened the sliding door for them to go out,went back to bed. Fifteen minutes later I have two cold wet noses pressed against my face saying “thanks, mind if we join you?” We all slept until 7:30. It was delightful. Beautiful day, indeed!

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  2. Thank you for the wishes Lori! That’s a great attitude to start a day with imho 😉
    I can relate very well to the not getting out of bed decision, even if i still feel guilty for it (sometimes! 😉 )
    Hope your day remained beautiful and you have many such more.

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  3. LOL. Oh you are exhibiting symptoms of grandchild withdrawal…
    Next time you wake up early, do some stretching exercises (yoga if you practice), then take a walk in the woods in the crisp morning air. Come back refreshed and another beautiful day begins!

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    1. Yes, I am sure your diagnosis is correct. I bought her a gift today for her 1st birthday in September. I did take a long walk with Ginny. I practice yoga most days but did not today. Later I went to see a play and then enjoyed an early dinner at a Sicilian trattoria. I hope your weekend is going well.

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      1. Oh it has been splendid. Did a walk at the little rock gardens near us. And tomorrow’s labor day, so a public holiday. We are going to the Presidential Palace which is opened only during these public holidays.

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