Pisello inglese e insalata di barbarietole!

I know it’s spring in Oregon when Nicoletta’s Table adds Pisello inglese e insalate di barbabietole to their menu.

It is a favorite of mine!

Nicoletta’s Table does a fabulous job with all of their seasonal salads.

Then again, shouldn’t all salads be seasonal using fresh ingredients?

I digress.

Pisello inglese e insalata di barbabietole

Not your mother’s pea salad

I have eaten my share of canned English peas drowning in mayonaise with chunks of tomato and cheese! As a kid, it was a favorite.

In college, it was my “vegetable” dish when I was tired of PBJ’s!

Then my taste buds changed and it dropped off my food list.

When I first tried it at Nicoletta’s Table, I was in love.

It is light and airy and so delicious.


Pisello inglese e insalate di barbabietole

These are the ingredients but I don’t have a recipe for the salad.

English peas
Shaved beets & fennel
Sugar snap peas
Creamy pancetta vinaigrette

I did find a recipe for the vinaigrette.

Creamy Pancetta Dressing

I have not tested this recipe but it had good reviews.

The vinaigrette at Nicoletta’s is very light and is key to pulling the recipe together.

The crisp pancetta coiled on the top adds a wonderful salty flavor.

Do try this at home!

Or visit Nicoletta’s Table in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

There are many other astounding dishes on their menu!

Dining in Lake Oswego
Buon appetito!






13 thoughts on “Pisello inglese e insalata di barbarietole!

  1. You almost lost me at “canned English peas drowning in mayonnaise with chunks of tomato and cheese” … the thought of that is, to my palate, truly revolting. But your salad looks so utterly delicious, I’m seriously thinking of making it tonight. But maybe with anchovy rather than pancetta, since I’m not crazy about anything pig.

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      1. I will. I do wonder what our parents / grandparents were thinking. My mother had a terrible habit of substituting ingredients when she didn’t have something in a recipe. We were once fed sweet and sour pork (which I hated anyway) with tinned peaches instead of pineapple. :-/

        Liked by 1 person

      2. As I tell my sons, don’t judge until you have walked in my shoes. I sometimes have an exchange student live with me. It is fun but sometimes the challenge of always cooking for someone gets to be a chore. I know with my growing sons, they probably ate some strange combinations. As long as there was cheese in the dish or melted on top they were happy.

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  2. Yes; one of the things I like about my partner travelling a lot of work is that I can eat what I like, when I like when I’m on my own. My food instincts are much more at the vegetarian end of the spectrum (and the quick and easy end) than his! I love your cheese comment. My son hates cheese — unless it’s melted. He sees that as a totally different food to just plain cheese.

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