Harmon Kardon Bluetooth Speaker

I remember when things worked well and lasted a long time.

Kitchen appliances lasted forever. I never recall my Mother buying new ones.

The loneliness of the Maytag appliance repairman was a familiar ad on television.

Those days seem gone for the most part.

In the Last Few Years

My 18 month old Samsung washer was recalled. I am still working on that issue.

My over the top expensive Liebherr refrigerator was a disaster.

I had to buy a brand new door just to get the gasket replaced.  If I had known that, I would have glued the gasket down and called it good.

However, once the authorized repairman removed the old gasket and found he could not replace it with the new factory gasket, I was left with two options.

Replace the door or put masking tape all around the door to make a seal.

To me, it was the same as replacing the entire windshield on my car just because the rubber on my wipers was frayed.  It did not and still does not make sense.

Caught between the manufacturer and the authorized repairman, I was able with enough complaining and cajoling to at least get the new door for half price.  Woopee!

The first replacement door had to be sent back because it had a dent in the front.  Really?

To add insult to injury, the ice maker stopped working.  I just let it go.

By the way, the Liebherr came with my new townhouse so I did not choose it.

The saga of frustration, expense and disappointment with Samsung and Liebherr left me gun shy.

My powerful, reliable tiny portable speaker!

A Bright Spot

Two years ago I bought a Harmon Kardon Bluetooth speaker. It cost $150 which at the time seemed like a lot to pay.

It is tiny and a powerhouse. It is approximately the same size as my Samsung Galaxy 6 cellphone.

I use it to amplify music, podcasts and movies from my cellphone, IPad Mini and computer.

It performs really well and delivers incredible sound.

It remembers my devices and connects without any work on my part.

It is a stark contrast to my previous Sony portable Bluetooth speaker. It took forever to connect and finally after less than a year, fizzled out. It cost $70.

A Speaker for All Reasons

When I use it to play music at dinner parties my guests are amazed to learn such wonderful music is coming from such a small speaker. Often the speaker is in another room.

It is so small that I throw it in my bag when I travel.

I love having music in my hotel room.  Music masks sounds coming from outside my room. It lulls me to sleep. It is a background for yoga and stretching exercises.

It allows me to keep up with the news.

Best of all, it allows me to talk with family and friends hands free.

When I am put on hold, I can continue to work without holding my phone.

Too, I can write without cradling my phone in my neck.

This hardworking, reliable speaker* has earned my “thumbs up!”

Harmon Kardon Bluetooth Speaker

*The speaker has other functions which I have not used which make it even more useful.

9 thoughts on “Harmon Kardon Bluetooth Speaker

  1. I’m always grousing about stuff that lasts one day beyond warranty, or purchased from a business now closed, or with replaceable parts outrageously priced – no pride in design or workmanship, just an eye to future, forced sales. Cheating in any language. Argh!

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  2. Enjoyed reading this Lori. Harmon/Kardon has been around a good bit, not surprised about your top notch experience which leads me to say that in many instances in this life, you really do get what you pay for! I hope your feeling well and strong Lori. ☺️❤️

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  3. I remember those days too! My first washer and dryer lasted more than 12 years.
    The last ones I bought before the ones I have now, lasted about three years. Pieces of junk…that’s what they’re selling and we’re buying now. Although, I will say that I have the very first IPod that came out and the Apple people just holler when I tell them. I also have one of the original Tom-Tom GPS doo-lollies. I rarely use it but it’s still ticking!
    I wish things went back to being American made…made with pride. Oh well…if wishes were horses….maybe your refrigerator would have lasted. LOL

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  4. How nice to hear about a product that exceeds expectations for a change. I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy trying to have “new” appliances and other goods repaired/replaced. Planned obsolescence seems to kick in as soon as the packaging is off.

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  5. The way it used to be. Good news is always welcome that some things do last. I am horrified at the short life of printers. in the days gone by both computer and printer lasted for years, and years yet now life of some printers is only 12 months. All the trash is what is so worrying. Keep writing, Lori. It will be both an encouragement and a strength as you are there for those you love.

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  6. Cuisinart food processor blade recalled last year. Do not use this blade. We will send you a new one. It is the blade that cuts everything to little pieces. No where near on the same level but mouth dropping. That was last July. Replacements may be sent out this July. The company does send me regular emails extending the date of this replacement blade. What did they do so wrong that they can’t replace it.

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