A Call to Action

I share this email from Dr. Sood with you as an act of service and love.

I hope his words are as helpful to you as they were to me when I first read this.

I like when he writes “Delay the urge to improve” in our relationships.

His email is a packed with wisdom and inspiration.

heart tree pexels-photo-207962
Enjoy this lovely photo from http://www.pexels.com

“Dear Friend,

My brain, left to its default mode, pulls me toward angst and unhappiness. When I don’t control the steering wheel, I roll off the road. If I am lucky, I recover before I land in the ditch. I haven’t, however, always been lucky. As a result, I have learned that to stay on the road, I need to actively engage throughout the drive – by being intentional about my thoughts and actions.

My intentional thoughts wake me up to interconnectedness. I realize that my happiness depends on yours. I can’t be happy if others around me are suffering. For both selfish and altruistic reasons, I should strive to decrease others’ suffering – by becoming an agent of service and love.

Service describes activities that are geared to make this world a better place. A better place is one that is kinder and happier. Creating a world, where a baby born today will experience lesser suffering than one born yesterday, is an act of service.

Love is wishing others well. Love is grateful, love is kind, love is non-judgmental, love is forgiving. I wish to nurture that love each day, so I can truly see others from within their perspective.

Commit this Thursday to making a little corner of the world happier than it would have been otherwise. Become a happiness officer for your family (or friends, colleagues, others). Help them feel safe and worthy. Give them pleasant and meaningful experiences. Focus on what interests them. Light up when you see them. Delay the urge to improve. Keep this a day of low expectation. Remind yourself several times – I am an agent of service and love.

I wish you well.”


Amit Sood, MD MSc
Professor of Medicine
Mayo Clinic Rochester


I also wish you well.



13 thoughts on “A Call to Action

  1. I wonder if Dr. Snood is a Christian. He certainly expresses Christian ethics in a learned and practical manner and quotes from the bible with his definition of selfless love in a meaningful manner. Thank you for sharing, Lori.

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    1. I know him only through him through the Mayo Clinic. I like the honest, caring approach expressed in his writings. Although I have never met him, I feel as though he is a sincere person.


  2. Words i try to live by… i fail on a regular basis! 🙂

    But there are times and days when i succeed – never give up!

    And well done on spreading the word and participating – serving even – in your hours of need!

    What goes around comes around 🙂


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